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Stoner's Anthem

Snoop Dogg

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A friend indeed
Feelin'like Cee Lo Green
Middle finger in the sky
Meditating let it ride rock'a'by baby bye
A friend indeed
More than Jimmy 2
More than giving you
No prohibs dude you can have all this
Until I couldn't find no one else that I can give it to
And now that we own
I can put my family in a brand new home
My kids is grown
And I'm still rocking on the microphone
People love me everywhere and I know why
It's not that I'm doping
My style is so fly
James Brown set me down in a chair
And said "Snoopy don't you ever cut your hair"
I was dazed and amazed
That's why I keep my shit in pony tails and even braids
When I was in school I used to get cool grades
When I graduated I used to smoke 2 Ks
With a fit to... groups
But then I got into... just like...
Posted up 6 more
Yeah, that's the back dough
Ride my slow and futuresque lapdog
Nick and cheeta
Faith and cherry that's what...
Can't forget Tim
Baby dog ain't half dead
... that showed me a lot of shit
I'm moving along
Went form my Camero to a fleet with room
My sack in my back, my strap in my lap
Room to the back
Roaming through my neighborhood
Checking my tracks
As you get old life might get unfold
Can't sette, this might be untold
Twilight zone, live life long
Smoke your bone and hit you
And buy you a zone
And roll you a chain
And put it in the...
All in together now, and if you agree
Lighters in the air and repeat after me
I too glow, forever in the day
I love for our soul
Does everybody agree it aint so
Everybody's case, I'm on light weight...
Give a dog a bone
I like trees, the cyprus hill throw
Roll up this shit
Pimp and it's gone
Stoners world wide singing this song
STraight Stoner's Anthem
A lil something to smoke, too
Brought to you by DC Powder
And your boy Snoop Dogg
Be on the look out for that movie.


Gravadora: Gangsta Gangsta Online Distribution
Faixa: 2

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