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Snoop D.O. Double G

Snoop Dogg

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[intro (snoop talking)]
Yeah! you know how we do
A lil’ something for the non-believers
For the underachievers
Ya’ll know what time it is
Big snoop dogg up in this motherfucka one time
I want ya’ll to sing this shit wit me
It go like this, check it out.

[hook 2x]
Snoop d.o. double g, the way you rip so love-ely
It sound so visciously
When the thump in the trunk go, bump, bump, bump

[verse one]
Everybody put your hands to the motherfucking center
Baby girl go on an’ pull ya weave back, d-o-g, oh yeah, he back
And i’m steppin’ out the all-blue lee-zac
Word on the streets, yeah nigga, i got the feedback
I don’t trip off, i get the tip off
Befo’ it rip off, yeah homie, i’m the biz-oss
I got them finger-lickin’ chickens wit the siz-auce
And one of my hoes known to cut ya dick off
Leave ya stuck in the land of the liz-ost
I’m back at the mayn-sion, cold as the friz-ost
Sittin’ on ten acres, dawg, wit a kiz-ost
A whole lot to you, but a lil’ nothing to me
That’s what you get, for fuckin’ wit me
Ain’t that right, sha money from the d-p-c
You know i’m down with them boys
I clown wit them boys
Don’t fuck around wit them boys, ‘cause they down wit the


[verse two]
Stop! wait! now let me give it to ya
This is the proper hip-hopper, it get into ya
I know you liking it, loving it, or you feelin’ it
D.o. double gizzel, oh yeah, cuh/cuzz be killin’ it
Who the only nigga that you can call on?
When ya favorite rapper fall off, the big dogg, fall on
10, 11, 12, or was it 13?
How many years a nigga been in the game, and i’m still so clean
I’m flippin’ up the game and shit
I maintain my thang wit this
And i, never hesitate to bang a bitch
I’m having millions, and i’m still banging crip
Um, um, wouldn’t you believe it?
Even after achievin’, got a deal wit the heathens
But, as long as i’m breathing
I’ma keep walking like jesus
My name is


[verse three]
“whatchu gone next, how you gone say it
When yo album come out dawg, i can’t wait to play it
Tell the truth, my nigga, i love all ya work”
Well, from me to you low, welcome to the church
Mi casa, su casa
So, get ya drank on and smoke on nigga, go on an’ boss up
You can holla at baby, it’s ok to me
Then i love it when them motherfuckers say to me


[outro (snoop talking)]
Yeah! sha money, representin’ g-unit, good lookin’ my nigga
As usual, it’s a dpg-unit connection
You know how we do it
A lil’ something for the non-believers
For the underachievers

Snoop d.o. double g

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