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(Crowed Cheering)

Nate Dogg: "Black folks can't never have no fun"

Chorus:" These streets be...
Walkin down the avenue
From Hollywood to South Central
These streets be...
Long Beach to Compton
Always up to no good!
Always up to no good!
Van Nuys to Santa Ana

Snoop Dogg: "Have a look outside, take a stroll with me
California lifestyle, you want to roll with me?
I can take you in and out, What's it gonna be?
Now as crazy as it is, you know its home for me
I would never leave it, you know thats wrong to me
I'm gonna stay down, ya see, we doin the corners g
At your local liquor store, we gettin some optimals, and
if I'm out of bounce then I got to cock the four."

Snoop Dogg: " Keep it on the low, on the w-w-w-west coast
sign some autographs, and then i do get ghost
heh, yeah, I love my folks but half of y'all fools is cut throats
On a real note, the streets that have you,
guide you, lead you, mislead you, its fragile
yeah, ya see, you gradually grow, and when you walking on my side,
I think you all need to know."


Snoop Dogg: " On the One-Ten freeway floating back to the block
in the 7 Deuce coupe hoppin-hippin da hop
sippin on some hen with my nephew infra red
young pimp, on the grind, trying to line up some head
have some fun, deal done, on the west coast we won
don't matter where you're from, if you're old or young
seesaw, we walk like ooh-la-la
f*** the law, we don't caught, we just do dot dot
yeah, n**** we shakin the cops, you n***** out there just be making it hot
but don't trip, if you fakin alot
I'll break you, shake you, and take your spot
Cause if you think that you gone, slip through California
With out getting banged on, brother you wrong."

Nate Dogg: "(Always up to no good)
I really love my dog, grew up together in Albany...
(Always up to no good)
Hell yeah, I love New York, thats why I married the broad but she...
(Always up to no good)
Can't hang no more, cause I'm a baller y'all and he's...
(Always up to no good)
Let me tell you about these streets...
(Always up to no good)



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