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A Bitch I Knew

Snoop Dogg

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A Bitch I Knew
bitches will be bitches as i smash in the chevy its getting its getting its getting kinda heavy x3

it all goes back to 85' when start getting pussy every day of my life it really didn't matter what the bitch look like i rememeber one night after the suga ray fight wouldn't you believe it dog like a retreva i went up in this big fat bitch named trina she had a best freind wit titties named vanessa she told me to undress her yes sa aint no pressure lada that semester she put me down wit a home gurl named tanesha she was so visious lips so lushious suck a nigga dick and have it shining like some dishes patrisha patrisha she love da way i stick her i take her to the movies and now she even thicka big bucks no wammeys i had to meet this white bitch her name was tammy she lived in the valley she couldn't understand me but she let me dig out a home girl named brandy now brandy was a cute lil thick bitch she moved from the hood to the 206 she broght some new tricks flipping them squirls in the pearls and turning out the nighboor hood little girls and i seen that so i beat the yam so put her down bottom bitch on my team and we began making breaking bitches taken what eva we wont see she was up fo faking its real in the field no mastaken and cracked a lil bitch ya she jamacian time and time again she would bring me bud and let me beat it up listening to one love off some jerk chicken i got mo bitches now im pumping her sister its getting real suspisiouse but the dick is good so they wont tell now there next door nighboor clorisa baleshe been looking at me i think she wanna hit but im a hola back because im on another bitch im on some other shit i got a phone call from the motha fucking presidint yall he said snoop dogg how can i fuck a bitch and make her suck a dick and not get caught for the fuck of it i told him look her this is what you do make that first now you seddle a lil pussy for you i think he got it cause he left fast he left his daughters and alot of cash and what do you know do double g major pimping out in dc and im a young pimp wit a lot of growing left and you a young hoe wit a lot of hoeing left always keep a hoe in chech blowing out a train reck ya i might have to go adapt see every little hoe i meet the stand outs the ones like evet we fucked in the car behind the bar i shot it in her face and it went far my home boy charles went up in his sister behind the garage i was nasty i was freaky i was sick when yall was trying to hump i was teaching her suck dick always trying to go up in a hoe got caught trying to fuck at school they asked me what i di it fo you know just what i told her i love pussy and this dick is what i showed them and now they threw me out now im at the pad im at a new school way cool new hoes new skript fresh fish walk up in the room and bust a new bitch im in some new tail when i hola back but for now let me hola back and hola black shes a twelf grada in my science class i done seen her pussy ya boy moving fast see i was caught by and i was taght by betta move on something fast if i thought i could claim a dame or gain a brain or tame a maim not wit the same old game see on the same old stuff im a different cut its what i say and do that make the bitches give it up oh you wanna brag i wanna brag to and what you gonna do when day ask you are you gonna tell a lie or you gonna keep it g or you gonna hold it all in side like you gonna tell on me shit its all cool and its all good its just a nother day in doggie doggie neighboor hood you betta watch your girl if shes on the loose its a 90 percent chance that see goin to get pimp juiced now what it do what it is how you living wit dat chick when you got 4 kids

bitches will be bitches as i smash in the chevy its getting its getting its getting kinda heavy x5


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