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One Name

Sheek Louch

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One Name - Sheek Louch

Genre/Lang. : Hip-Hop

(Feat. Carl Thomas)

Roc drop that baby
Rocwilder on the track ladies and gentlemen
No doubt
Aiyyo Carl Thomas, help me out dog...
{*Carl harmonizes*}
I mean, this is for the grown and sexy right?
(For the grown and sexy)
That's what they say

[Sheek Louch]
Hey yo, let's walk baby, and talk baby
You know where I'm from (New York baby)
You look good enough to put you on a fork baby
You got them other chicks outlined in chalk baby
Uhh - you killin 'em
Wit'cha Chanel shades and ya 'Licia Keys brais, I'm feelin 'em
(Okay) Blow with me, flow with me
I wan' take you to a show with me
I wan' cool out in the crib with a lil' sticky
I wan' see how you look in a lil' Vicky
Ha ha, you sexy baby, stomach tight
Ass right, nice heighth
Damn baby bless yo' momma
Any girl scratch yo' face it will be drama
Comma, I'm just jokin
But your body kinda got me open - damn!

[Chorus: Carl Thomas]
Girl your spiritual, and your physical
Got my open soul, so emotional
I was thinkin - one house, two cars, one name
Glad I'm not a lame, and this is not a game
So why not do it now, and why not show you how
Baby I was thinkin - one house, two cars, one name

[Sheek Louch]
Sheek Def Poetry, incent burnin
Hat low, GT, listenin to Floetry
Sendin notes, see if shorty wanna go with me
Check yes if she wanna be my girl
Then to the wife, welcome to the life
Big trips, Louis bags, welcome to the ice (bling)
Rock big enough to make Trump look twice
Nice - holla at your boy
We can fly to Cali to pick out your toy
But make sure it's big enough for a girl and boy
But no rush, we got time to crush
And get to know each other 'fore I bust


[Sheek Louch]
Aiyyo, I wanna stretch you baby, sex you baby
I ain't that what sit around and text you baby
But I will pull over, jump out the Rover
Hug you like I miss you, kiss you all over
And I'm too grown not to keep this real
And I ain't hardcore enough to hide the way I feel
All you gotta do is hold on tight
Put your feet up, sit back, enjoy the night
I got you


{*Carl Thomas ad libs to end*}



Gravadora: eOne Music
Faixa: 6

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