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Kiss Your Ass Goodbye

Sheek Louch

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you can kiss your ass goodbye
d-block d-block d-block d-block
la da da! da da da...
the flow is here
the dough is here
they gon call this the hardest remix of the year
the wrist is sickle the 9 is nickle
the inside tan the outter pickle
the dutch is rolled the yak is poured
you runnin your mouth im gettin you jawed
im wavin the blade im tellin you back up
you empty your pockets im picking your pack up
you can act stupid if you wanna
like you dont know what block im in front of
im not in new york im down in the south
im out on the track with gold in my mouth
they booked me for the clubs in the hood
when niggas scared to go but sheek louch good
its loaded when i get out the car
la da da! da da da...
you can kiss your ass goodbye
d-block d-block d-block d-block
la da da! da da da...
they say hate spread faster then love
so the bently is black sayin color is the master glove
with me ima send a basterd a bud
before you hear the police the person last is a go
these dickhead niggas
you shoot em they bleed cum
the two pussies they whip just make it a 3 sum
growin up quick you gotta buy your seed guns
daddy spread magazines before they could read one
my glass jars had a hell of a weed run
la da da! da da da...
as we proceed some and i know
heavy hood got a street fan
if not they need one
im thinkin short range
gimme a sport range
im gettin get warmer
im jumpin in the sauna
duck when im passin by
put your head between your legs
and kiss your ass goodbye
la da da! da da da...
you can kiss your ass goodbye
d-block d-block d-block d-block
la da da! da da da...
you niggas lost yall game
im throwin a rock down
just to put yall d-in back on the block now
runnin your mouth before i shit all in it
all yall ass and im about to dig all in it
i burped you niggas
i fed and i burped you niggas
with this bat i will erf you niggas
clothed you niggas
wiped the snot from the nose of you niggas
what not to expose you niggas
fist lack for rays of fight
i got a year and a day
still played it like they gave me life
cant walk through these yo without
shackels and two cops
throwin shit on the ward not on the food slot
got connections with pop he boostin the weed plants
get my khakis washed and pressed for a fued stance
respectin the gel a check in the mail
i stay on the phone i dont put collect on the bill
you can kiss your ass goodbye
d-block d-block d-block d-block
la da da! da da da...
alotta niggas 'posed to be down
they most of em be clowns
they be tryin to sign with hoes to get closer to crown
i take a couple oos and ahhs
jeweles and cars
put some broads in them
still cool with nas yea
real suddle still
so fucking ill
how you could turn an idea into a couple mil
but everybody got they hand in the pot
well till either you cut em off or you hand em a knot
i aint never plannin to stop im plannin to rock
till the rims matchin the top and the phantom is drop
theyll never get away with shit i pull off dawg
nice on the clutch even though i pull off hard
and you know the old kids
you dont know the grown kids
got about 5 in me til i get home sick
still got access to the two tone bricks
terry calls sweats and wallys that pretty tone shit
you can kiss your ass goodbye
d-block d-block d-block d-block
la da da! da da da...



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