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Shave It All Off

Mike Posner

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Our story begins in a Los Angeles mansion
That aging artist Mike Posner is renting for the week. He's in L.A. to write songs for other, more famous artists
We join him as his barber Tracy arrives at the mansion to give him a haircut

"What up doe Tracy?"
"Hey Mike! Welcome back to L.A.! How you doing?"

I guess I'm famous again
Shave off the beard
I think when we do it it's gon' take off a year
Privacy for press
The trade off is weird
But really its my last chance to stave off the fear
Of being famous again
Got me back in L.A
I sold my house here but I can't get away
I got a session today with the singer Jessie J
I'm renting this mansion where I'll stay
Turn your head this way
So how you want it cut?
Well, I think that the green is played
And to be honest, I've been feeling kinda off these days
It's something happening inside me, I can feel the change
These people want a fucking show? Okay
Shave it all off!
Hey, Mike are- are you okay? Are you sure?
Just shave it all off!
As your barber I gotta shoot you straight
This isn't going to look good. You're making a mistake

And who are you to tell me that i'm wrong? (I'm just trying to be your friend and let you know)
I never really liked you anyway (Mike thats not true. Take that back.)
Just shave it all off
You're just another girl now with a song (Really, chill out)
And I'm just another sad man in L.A. (Don't say that. Come on.)

So how's Noelle doing anyways?
T, we broke up in May
Serious? I didn't know, are you okay?
Yeah I'm okay
What happened
Didn't take that long to figure out it wasn't working
She was sad, I was touring
Wasn't worth it
Thats tough. How'd you word it?
Well i texted her tha-
You texted her?
I know I'm a bad person
But it all felt cursed when she would sit around and drink and shit
You can't be rescued by a sinking ship
Thats true
So I pushed what i loved away (but why?)
Some people can't take L.A. (that's a cop-out)
I guess that I was one of 'em (that's bullshit)
It's not bullshit I'm one of them (I think you messed up)

But who are you to tell me that I'm wrong
She never really liked me anyway
Just shave it all off
She's just another girl now with a song
And i'm just another sad man in L.A
Shave it all off

Okay, here goes
Do you want the top a little longer? like maybe a number 1 or some- number 2?
Just shave it all off

Okay you don't have to yell
Someone's moody today
Chill out, y'know?
I'm really sorry, Tracy. I- I didn't mean to yell at you. I just-
Mike, I know you're under pressure
But you should take it easy
I know
Hey, whats that on your dresser?
Nothing, just a bottle of cologne
Nah, next to that
Hey, Tracy just leave it alone
Okay, wheres your session at?
Paramount on Santa Monica at 2
Meetin' blackbear for dinner for dinner in the valley when it's through
Well your hair's done, look in the mirror
Nah i don't need to. People who stare into mirrors are all see through
Well, let me wipe the hair from ur face, it's all messy
Its fine, I'm 'bout to shower, I got this session with Jessie


Gravadora: Monster Mountain Records
Faixa: 2

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