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Blackbear Throws A Rager In LA

Mike Posner

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Ugh, damn bear, this is such an LA party
Why'd you invite so many stars?
'Cause I can
Bieber is here (Yeah)
Nick Jonas is here (Right)
In the corner smokin' cigars
Why you gotta be so negative?
Look at all the babes
Look at all the bitches
Wipe that look off your face
Blackbear and Mike Posner know how to rage
Are you serious, man? We need to act our age
I'm almost thirty
Let's face the truth, these girls just want Bieber
That's right, they do
You know what, bruh? (Just take this)
You're being such a beaver
I can't - Why?
Cue the jokes, I took a pill in Ibiza
What is it anyways, Miley?
I got it from Chris, turn down the lights
What about you? I don't wanna do it alone
I took two. - When? - When we were eating at Joe's
You're insane! Ok, here goes
Give it forty-five minutes, then let me know
I can already feel it opening my pores
Can I take this call in your bedroom?
Of course! Use the same key that I gave you before
Third room on the left, second floor
Can I tell you someting though? (Yeah)
I love you, man. - I love you too
I got your back for life. - The same for you

I just hope that people see
I'm not who I used to be
I don't need to run no more
Someday soon I'll see the lore
This party's lit, my life is real
I don't care, that's how I feel
I don't need to run no more
Someday soon I'll see the lore

(Phone ringing)
Hello? - It's Noelle, I'm almost to the adress
Oh shit, you're comin'? - Yeah, I brought my friend too, you know, the actress
We actually just pulled up, you see me out here? (Nah)
Is Mike around? - Yeah I'm in his room, he's downstairs
All these fake people, what are we doin'?
Off the couch, this house is gonna be ruined
People smile at me and ask dumb questions
Talk about themselves and try to book sessions, like
You might be interested in this, I'm managing this really great artist
She's like Beyoncé mixed with Taylor Swift
(?) she's gonna be - Yo, you listenin'?
Yeah sorry, I think these drugs are kickin' in


Gravadora: Monster Mountain Records
Faixa: 8

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