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Mike Meets Blackbear at Joe's Falafel

Mike Posner

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But I'm thinkin' to myself that "Weaponry" is wack and corny
Halfway through it starts to bore me
Kind of a knock-off of Leonard Cohen's style
Noelle on my mind, we ain't spoken in a while
Jessie J offers me a J
I ain't smoked one in a while
I say okay, I took it and smile
But now I'm just sad and high
I thank her for the session and we say goodbye
I pack up my laptop and my hard drives
My microphone compressor and my guitar I'm
Meetin' bear at Joe's Falafel
[?] there's no falafel
Too many agents, too many managers
People sayin' words just to fill up all the calendars
That's why I moved from L.A
To get away from all thе bad ideas people tеll me

You should take it easy
Baby, you should take it easy

So I'm in an Uber Black 'cause I wanna impress
Mr. blackbear I know will be very well-dressed
And if we take a photo then I wanna look dope, uh
I need all the hoes DMing Mike Posner
My ego's hard to tame
My fame remains the best card to play
Text from blackbear, "where are you?"
Well, I'm not that far away
But the 101's slammed, so it's hard to say
How long before I pull up so I pull up
The poem on my iPhone I was workin' on earlier today
And try to make some headway

To whom it may concern (that's a good opening)
Right before the sky gets too tired to hold up the stars (that's a nice line)
Right before virtual reality becomes realer than real reality (that's really shitty writing)
Right before we smoke ourselves out and the oceans turn black

And by the time I finish it up, I've arrived
Noelle's on my mind, maybe I should try
To call her up, let down my defense
Nah, I need to just listen to my friends
When they tell me

You should take it easy
Baby, you should take it easy

So I walk in 20 minutes late
Bear's waitin' with a little funny look upon his face
And he says "you look like a cancer patient"
I remember I'm bald, now he's testin' my patience
He reads my face and sees I don't think it's funny
"What's up with you, man, sad with all that money?
You ride around in open limousines lookin' like Jimmy Dean
Feelin' clean, Rag and Bone, you got the winnin' genes"
I hear what he's sayin' but it's not effective
I can't see things from his perspective
"You know, I know what you need
Look at me, don't text
Some brand new pussy will get your mind off your ex"
Thank you, Dr. blackbear for breakin' me down
But my L.A. girls all hate me now
'Cause I moved to Detroit I don't reply to texts
So I doubt that they're gonna retry the sex
"Doesn't matter, here's what we're gonna do
You gotta big mansion that you're stayin' in, true?" (True)
"You throw a big party, I'll invite models
And you know Diddy, free Ciroc bottles!"
But I hate L.A. parties
"It'll feel like Cabo
You need this, dog, you're lookin' high-low"
He's right, I need it, he's not lyin'
But what about the house, man? It's not mine

You should take it easy
("This gonna be fun. In fact, it's gonna be better than fun")
Baby, you should take it easy
("This is gonna be amazing. You hear me? Amazing.")

But the cleaner fee, who's gonna pay that shit?
"Did you really just say that? Dude, you're rich!
Live a little, I'm not sayin' buy Ferarris
All I'm sayin' is let's have a party"


Gravadora: Monster Mountain Records
Faixa: 5

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