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You Are Your Mother's Child

Conor Oberst

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I remember the day you appeared on this earth
With eyes like the ocean, got blood on my shirt
From my camera angle it looked like it hurt
But your mama had a big old smile

We drove you home, saw your yellowing skin
Packed a few things and drove you back again
Stayed up all night worrying, wondering
What was gonna make it better

Broken bones heal when you set them right
Get your fine tooth comb from the barbicide
Our love's a protective poison
But you are your mother's child
And she'll keep you for a while
But someday you'll be grown and then you'll be on your own

Halloween costume, looking real cute
With your pillowcase full, in your astronaut suit
But your cousin the cowboy is eying your loot
Better watch your snickers bar

Out on the diamond, now you're up to bat
Chewing your big league, adjusting your hat
Taking a swing and hearing it crack
Look at that apple fly

Tears will dry if you give them time
Life's a roller coaster, keep your arms inside
Fear that's a big emotion
But you are your mother's child
And she will have you for a while
But one day you'll be grown and then you'll be on your own

Posing for pictures, cap and a gown
Summer is coming, you're driving around town
Everyone's asking what you're gonna do now
I know you're gonna make a splash

And find you a sweetheart to treat you so kind
Take her to dinner and kiss her goodnight
What I couldn't teach you, soon you will realize
She's the only thing that matters

Although he's a bastard, make your papa proud
You're a fine young man and I got no doubt
That you're gonna do this better
'Cause you are your mother's child
She had you for a while
But now you are grown, and you’re making it on your own
Now that you’re grown, may you never feel this alone


Gravadora: Nonesuch
Faixa: 10

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