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Conor Oberst

Time Forgot

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Polished my shoes I bought a brand new hat
Moved to a town that time forgot
Where I don't have to shave or be approachable
No I can do just what I want

I want to walk in that howling wind
'til it scatters all my thoughts
Sit alone on that riverbank 'til I
Forget that I can talk
Just listen

They say everyone has a choice to make
To be loved or to be free
I told you once I felt invisible
And I'm sure by now you see

What I meant is I'm not all there
Until I finally leave
Some loneliness is acceptable
And some's just outright mean
It gets even

Ivy crawls up the garden wall
Builds a ladder towards the sky
Can't be climbed but whose gonna mind
If I claim it can be done

And the sun goes down
And the stars come out
In the distance that I felt I can see it for myself now

Boarding a train to take my memories back
Make up for time that I have lost
I'll never know if I'm delusional
I just believe that I am not
I'm going to work for my sanity
Give it everything I got
Though so far I have cheated death
I know someday I'll get caught
Just living

So here we go man it's beautiful
Get your trumpet get your drum
Keep in time in a second line
It can make you feel so young

I know you say you'll go all the way
But that's not quite far enough
Someone told me that same thing
Some told me that same thing
Someone told me that exact same thing once

Upside Down Mountain
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