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Cape Cañaveral

Conor Oberst

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Oh, oh, oh brother totem pole
I saw your legends lined up
And I never felt more natural
Apart, I just came apart

Please, please, please sister Socrates
You always answer with a question
Show some kindness to a petty thief
Forgive, you did forgive

Saw the migrants smoke in the old orange grove
And the red rocket blaze over Cape Canaveral
YouÂ’ve been a father to me
In 1960Â’s speak
In the comatose joy that weÂ’re on TV
While the mountainÂ’s side was shining
Wild colors of my destiny

I watched your face age backwards
Changing shape in my memory
You told me victoryÂ’s sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

Hey, hey, hey mother interstate
Can you deliver me from evil
Make me honest make me wedding cake
Atone, I will atone

Wait, wait, wait mighty outer-space
All that flying saucer terror
Made me lazy drinking lemonade
A waste, it just went to waste

Like the Freon cold out the hotel door
Or the white rocket fade over Cape Canaveral
YouÂ’ve been a daughter to me
Your buried shoe-box grief
I felt your poltergeist love like savannah heat
While the waterfall was pouring
Crazy symbols of my destiny

I watched your face die backwards
Little baby in my memory
A lonely victory sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

And you donÂ’t judge me
ThatÂ’s not your style
But I wonÂ’t see you for a little while
And thereÂ’s no worries
Whose got time
All these changes are going to fill your mind

Like the citrus glow off the old orange grove
Or the red rocket blaze over Cape Canaveral
ItÂ’s been a nightmare to me
Some 1980Â’s grief
Gives me parachute dreams
Like old war movies
While the universe was drawn
Perfect circles form infinity

Saw the stars get smaller
Tiny diamonds in my memory
I know that victory is sweet
Even deep in the cheap seats

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