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Oooh, that's right
Oooh, that's right
Ain't no captain saving, can't save 'em, so no need to be playa hating
Oooh, that's right

[Verse 1]
So many cars, too many keys, I think I need a whole locker
Said to get to me, she'll sleep with you, I ain't never met a ho like her
From overseas, speak Portuguese, she be speaking English so proper
I pull the cover up off the plate and I swear it's looking like lobster
I'm making orders, not taking orders, I was never good at cooperating
I'm too Kurupt, I Snoop Dogg, I Nate Dogg and I Dr. Dre 'em
That money talk, well what it say? I'll let you know and this is all verbatim
"Get the hoes to come to your shows, but don't give them dough and try not to date them"
Look in my safe, no dough was missing, she want a cut, get no incision
I'm starting up a new coalition of bosses that don't need no permission
Not just the president, I'm a client
I'm 5' 11", act like a giant
Hop in the yacht and laid in the sun, the sun got me looking like I'm Hawaiian
Grab passport, let's fast-forward and take a seat in my villa
Got TVs that pop out the wall like Michael Jackson in Thriller
Might do my thang if I let her hang, but she's got to know I can't be with her
I told the girl if she want a Romeo then she better go and find P. Miller

Your Whip stays on big blades, these groupies talking 'bout freaking
These chicks ain't gon' get saved, cause you ain't really no deacon
Live Monday through Friday, like everyday's the weekend
Your car paid and your rent paid, then you can say that you're eating
Look at me, eating, eating
Oooh, that's right
Pretty women and nice cars, so every night is a wonderful night
Look at me, eating, eating
Oooh, that's right
Grind hard so I shine hard, yeah I'll be a playa for life
Ain't no captain saving, can't save 'em, so no need to be playa hating
Oooh, that's right

You got a girl you really love, don't stand there, go cuff her playa
She can't stay here cause the same room ain't something that a sucka shares
We eating good with no tupperwear, play with my paper, I double dare
I give your girl a trip across the world and leave her in Dubai in her underwear
I would never do your girl like, that
I be tapping on her curves like, smack
If I took her all across the world, she'll probably tell me that she don't want her life, back
And I've never been an undertaker, and plus I ain't tryn'a be the one to take her
So much time spent overseas, the rude girl probably thought I was from Jamaica
Can't take sand to the beach though, my macking game is so lethal
I grip the tool and that wood like I just made a stop at Home Depot
That's yo girl? She's all mine
That's so foul, two free throws
That's my fault, that's my bad
You're all done, finito
And she's showing her anatomy
Wheel of Fortune, She can have the D
Every day got her feeling like a fantasy
Got your girlfriend wishing that her man was me
Ay, feeling like you should have stayed in
Be getting money all day but the money don't exchange hands
Can't see through my Ray Bans
If you're tryn'a play me then you never had a chance


Oooh, that's right
Oooh, that's right
Ain't no captain saving, can't save 'em, so no need to be playa hating
Oooh, that's right
Grind hard so I shine hard, yeah, I'll be a playa for life



Gravadora: Chamillitary Ent.
Faixa: 6

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