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Cloud 9


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Coming down clean, like I'm coasting on cloud nine
Cloud nine, I ride so clean

Hol' up, some people don't like me, must be cause I'm riding so clean
Like I'm coasting on cloud nine, cloud nine, I ride so clean
Hol' up, some people don't like me, must be cause I'm riding so clean
Like I'm coasting on cloud nine, cloud nine, I ride so clean

(Verse 1)
I know, I'm a master at chick removal, but I never trick cause I'm living frugal
You a boss that ain't got a boss then these bossy people don't get to boo you
See it's normally business as ususal, never needed no one's approval
But it ain't under they information, want that they need to take a trip to Google
Pick her up, now your boo is missing
Tellin' me I'm her new addiction
Ladies lovin' my old school
Got me feelin' like New Edition
Maybe I should go buy another one just so I can have a new addition
I would let em all count em up but yall know my haters never knew addition
I ain't into no superstition
I'm just into new coupes with stitchin'
No degree but you'll notice we,
Done spent more today than your school admission
Got the money then ladies came and they'd swear to God that I'd lose my vision
But that's somethin' you'll never see, like a Hindu Muslim and Jewish Christian

(Verse 2)
You got gossip talk you can't wait to text
I got contracts I can't wait to fax
That's why I got her so steamy, she should jump in my pool and go take some laps
Taught you losers how to get the chips
These losers like, "I can't relate to that"
If you would have listened when I taught you that,
Then you mental midgets would have made the stacks
Just admit it, you were born a hater
If you're tryna say that I shouldn't have it
I'm ridin' spokes and if you're not a broke
And not takin' notes then get a basic tablet
Got her sittin' on special fabric
She lookin' like she just left a pageant
She in the whip inspectin' gadgets
While you watchin' us like Inspector Gadget
Don't hold your breath, because I know you're waitin'
The city's somethin' I'm overtakin'
Captain Save Hers go call the pigs but I dissapear before they get the bacon
Not a hero, you're so mistaken
If you're Superman then just throw your cape in
Cause the villain's back and I'm given that young multi-millionaire motivation



Gravadora: Chamillitary Ent.
Faixa: 4

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