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Here We Go Again


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Here we go again
Last night
Alright, can't you see that it's raining?
Can't you see that it's pouring?
They just wanna see reign fall
They just hope that the storm in
I was gonna tell you when it rains it pours
The natuire's palying her part come on
I don't have a lort of time to tell you this
But this is where we gonna start
A teenager for outside of town
It was a rainy day
People used to leave his house
In a city where it used to smell
Think back when I heard the rap
I would listen to the words that chat him
What I head them ask
I never ever head him laugh
The roll was a street cap
He was down with a cap
When he spoke everybody listen to him
I rap a lot I was dropping up my partner
Iw as really young at the time
I wasn't even supposed to be there
He ask me to come with him
Cause he knew I could rap some lines
No problem on the way driving
Everybody else working on a day job
Don't sell weight know I ain't robbing
I keep going till I get'em
I ain't stopping
I guess I said something I ain't heard enough
Once there you should come
Out here and shout with us
Take a little while I get cool
Relationship was brand new
But you know I had to
Fast forward three months later
What you think it come to?
Touchdown in a windy place
Make a move to Chicago...
Really what do I know?
But I learn really quick
A matter of fact you don't wanna get the wrong vibe
Gone with a ball cap we gonna ride
That's what he told me
That he was OJ
It was close so he bough me a coJ
A matter fact he never told me he owe me
He had a type of hustle that he put a dude to jail
I slept on his couch
What the hell did I move?


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