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Too Many Choices

Bad Azz

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What I'm gon' do, what I'm gon' be
if I have to please you and I don't please me
I got too many choices, too many choices
What I'm gon' do, what I'm gon' be
if I have to please you and I don't please me
I got too many choices, too many choices

I've been so many places, still I don't know where I wanna be
People forever changin, rearrangin, I see things
I gotta go, don't wanna know your name
'Cause your life, is none like
But I want you to know before I go, that baby, we could've had it all
We could've had it all

(Bad Azz)
Just to be alive is a blessin to me
Ay, you can lose your mind and heavy stress movin
Recently, I've been talkin to myself alot
I answer back, thinkin 'I ain't supposed to answer that'
Is that a fact? Am I losin it for what I said?
Or is it 'cause a nigga talkin and ain't no one there
I can't remember 'cause I'm scared, I don't look back
It's hell behind me and I ain't tryna' get took back
I know you feel me, stressin, learnin lessons of life
'Til they kill me, and we'll be, aight in the long run
Maybe mix son gin with my life 'cause we all gone crazy
And maybe, we'd learn to maintain
It'd help us stay sane, for the time we remain
Or maybe, the rest of the world'd lose they mind
And we'd die not knowin how we wasted perfect time
Damn, (we could've had it all)

(Chorus) 1/2x

(Lil' Beau)
I'm on top of the world and about it
Yeah, it don't make sense, only chase for sex and presidents
Probably next on the set but I check myself quick
My old homies wanna get me (fuck y'all), the devil wanna hit me
Flashin cash that like ??? on ass
Givin into greed, doin dirty deeds for the last time
I swore to God it was, but I lie
I try to stay clean but clockin green made the Holy Ghost die
That's why B.T. bangin now, that's why bigets is slangin 'round
It's 'cause we don't know how, to stay sane in this game
Havin chips and then they took away, it's just another face of pain
And while I got a couple bitches try and dirty up my name
Gettin served by a couple hoes, gobble up the game, goin crazy
And still grind sales in this payin-the-world game
But I choke, it ain't nobody fall but Lil' Beau
Tell the tag on my toe and nigga mourn what he here for
Friends be the snakes in disguse so I fear for 'em
Knowin Jesus watchin all my homies and my kinfolk
Guide me the right way, you'll pay for ??? yourself, yeah

(Chorus) 1/2x

(Lil' Tip Toe)
I wake up early in the mornin everyday, when the sun rise
Just prayin for the world to come together before my son rise
And get old, and have to go through life without a daddy
Just because your Caddy came through with a barrel pointed at me
Life is short to bein happy, so I live with smiles and hugs
But some folks, they rather trip to spittin rounds of slugs
I keep it real for those that choose to learn game from me
I'd probably blast myself before you'd ever see a change in me
I'm goin crazy out here, God help me if you will
I try to keep it real, on my journey up the hill for a mil
But still, I got too many choices to make
And while Tha Lowlifes risin to the top they hopin we brake
Lil' Tip'll never fall without a reason from God
You will never fall without a reason from God
(I got too many choices, too many choices, we could've had it all)



Gravadora: Priority Records
Faixa: 9

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