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Life Ain't Hard

Bad Azz

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[Chorus: Blaqthoven]
Life, Life ain't hard, but it ain't easy, damn sure ain't easy hey
Life, Life ain't hard, but it ain't easy, damn sure ain't easy hey

[Bad Azz]
The world built like a jail, Long Beach ain't nothin but a cell
Today's paper read, “Four injured, Two killed” that's real
Life ain't gettin no longer, Let's get it poppin here
Really though, Just like the song is
In life, it ain't nothin I fear
With young rapper got millionaires stealing my lyrics
That's the truth, In all of this essence
And what's a few Gs? Please when you're rich with more blessings
I don't trip, What comes around, goes around again
Like I own the car of the trunk that they found you in
And ain't no tellin like Jack told Helen
They'll sell you a key, but not to open the door to heaven
You was talkin to the judge, when it could have been the revern
Tell him, you should have been free, it could have been me
What would it have tooked for us to see that life ain't easy
Believe me


[Bad Azz]
Life will throw you a job, know you've been robbed
And purposely leave you, stuck when you're down on your luck
Life will lock you in the cell, prayin to heaven just to get out of hell
It seems to be to me it ain't no way out
Life will break a nigga, pickin up the pieces, ain't the easiest
I wake up every day just knowin there some Gs to get the gang
Cop a few, watch out for the obstacles
Trippin off the politics
Wondering what the cops is doin and they just chillin there and lock me up
My homie was scared, he from them, and they just shot him up
He didn't die, but he cried through the stress
and that's a real hard way to learn a lesson
Yes, indeed it hurts to bleed
You've gotta be as strong as Hercules to deal with this
and don't get killed with this
Cause you know that'll hurt ya mothers heart
and where do we go after we done torn our earth apart singin


[Bad Azz]
I'm just here, Tryin to maintain
I let the good times be the medicine for the pain cause life's a headache
I have you bed sick or even dead quick
Cause doctor said to think straight, you need you're head kicked
Left the hospital with stitches, walk and feel like its over like
What could be worse then the police pull us over
Resist the trip and ask the cops
Why you stoppin us? Shouldn't you been lookin for the trench coat mafia?
He say we look like the type to blast and get popular
Na, we love life more than that, and God's watchin us
It's hard enough for what's up, like for havin nigga ?? up
Livin out his truck
And some times it hurts to live
Doin all this work to live, just to die
I hope my life is justified
I know I'm breathin for a reason, maybe even a purpose
So don't live like you're life is worthless

[Chorus x2]


Gravadora: Priority Records
Faixa: 19

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