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When You See Me

Bad Azz

ouvir : conectando
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No contraire, duce contraire, ha ha ha ha
Bonjour bitch
Since you hoes got it more twisted than the D's on my '6-4 Chevy, ah oh oh oh
Ah, bitch your pussy ain't royalty
I'm like 7-Up, never had it, never will (Ooooooh)
Laughin' at you gold mouth hoes like Popeye the Sailor (ah geh geh geh geh geh geh)
You five dolla-ass hoes
"I'll be gladly to pay you for hamburger on Tuesday"-ass bitches
Go your ass to another motherfuckin' garden and bite the apple
Shit, I'm 'bout to get racist on these hoes like Snapple
Ha, discrimination -
to a crafty-ass hoe that's tryin' to fuck up a niggaz lil' nation
Fuck the penetration hoe if you gon' pillow talk (that's real baby)
You want me to be like ghetto Green Eggs & Ham
And turn into the Grinch and check yo' bitch ass
So what if I hit the gushy? (so fuckin' what?)
Uh bitch, you was s'posed to shut yo' motherfuckin' mouth
Even though I secretly hit the pussy (Ooooooh)
That's the problem with you hoes
Uh, you want me to take off this muzzle that's on my pit bull
And put it on yo' ass? (motherfuckin' ass)
Bitch you talk too much (talkin' ass bitch)
Shit, Snoopy Collins, sprinkle 'em

[Snoopy Collins]
B-A-D-A, double double side
Are you inclined to drop a line?
To trickle from the back of yo' head
To the bottom of yo' spine?
Ho! Yeah baby
Dogghouse, uh

[Bad Azz]
You was beautiful, suitable, do-able, so we do a few
Now I can't stand your guts, I'm like "who is you?"
Boo you're through, I found another shooby-doo
You got my name all in that drama talkin' whoopty woop
How you just holla cause a nigga down with Snoopy group (Dogg Pound!)
Well me, I'm only down with you cause what your coochie do
Hoochie bitch, flossin' in a groupie suit
You was attracted to the mackin' and the Coupe was cute
I jumped out, hair braided, jean suits and boots
Chronic weed, Hennessy, my fo'-five and some loot
With my best girl, lookin' like - damn, you belong to a baller "yes" girl
Don't believe what she holler
Bitch 'bout a block past stupid with her raggedy ass
Runnin' up on Bad in that fashion
When you see me with my woman, we got somethin' in the oven -
CHA-PLOW! for your big mouth runnin'

[Chorus: Kokane]
If you see me walkin' with my bitch - (don't say shit!)
Keep it on the low-low (keep it on the low-low)
Just keep it on the low-low (keep it on the low-low)
If you see me walkin' with my bitch and my kids
Keep it on the low-low (just keep it on the low-low)
You silly little, you silly little hoe-hoe, hoe-hoe

SURPRISE! - the big homie X
Now matter what they stressin', I'm always connected
Can you say Dogghouse affiliated?
Now we's about to blast in with the hot chrome plated
Since I'm the big homie, I'ma aim the gun
And let you pull the trigger little Bad Azz nigga
Set it off - them niggaz talkin', get it off
And money ain't a thang like J, bet it all for cash
We 'bout to smash, pit bull mood
Bitch what you want - dick, dope, or dogg food?
All in my business, you best get your own
You a guest, get blasted in the danger zone - ooooooh
Long overdue, for dippin' in my mix, then this love's for you
Six feet deep, you get a customized ditch
Act like you don't know me when you see me with my bitch, bitch!

[Intro: Kokane]
If you see me walkin' with my bitch - (don't say shit!)
You better keep it on the low-low (keep it on the low-low)
You silly little hoe-hoe, you silly little hoe-hoe
If you see me walkin' with my bitch and my kids
Keep it on the low-low (just keep it on the low-low)
You silly little, you silly little hoe-hoe, hoe-hoe...

[Bad Azz]
Shut yo' motherfuckin' mouth
Here you walk about talkin' loud
This a situation you don't really know about
Shhh, shut yo' motherfuckin' mouth
When you see me with my woman and we out and about
Keep it on the low you - silly little hoe, you -
Mind your business, I act like I don't know you

[Outro: Bad Azz talking]
Bitch, don't be runnin' up on me in traffic
Like me and you got some type of business together
For real bitch, rewind the son


Gravadora: Priority Records
Faixa: 13

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