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If I Ever (feat. TeeCee 4800 & Charlie Hood)


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Girl you know I love you, baby You know I love you
I be callin' your mama house lookin' for you, some more shit
All them fuckin' letters you sent to the county, I love them letters, baby
Ay I'ma buy you roses and some more shit, flowers, everything, baby
When I get out, when I touch down I'ma buy you everything,
Some red bottoms and some more shit, baby PSYCHE!

If I gave a fuck about a bitch, I'd probably have a baby by now
I'm always tryna see if it's my child
Never bow down, never confess
Could've swore I shot blanks, I'm gettin' a blood test
You know why I can't trust no bitch?
I mention a blood test and the whole conversation switch
Yeah, she ain't have nothin' to say at all, nigga?
Nope, nigga these hoes ain't shit
I don't support child support, I won't show up to court
Your intentions was Mickey from the jump, what we was fuckin' for
Girl you know I don't play that shit
I'm the captain with no cape, I don't save no bitch
I just give 'em dick and dip, you can call me Diplo
Her plus me with two homies, she was with the flip mode
And that was like 2 in the morning
She was home and laid up with her nigga, man these bitches be ho-in'

If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb
If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb

If I gave a fuck about a bitch, I'd always be broke
I'd never have no mothafuckin' endo to smoke
Ask TeeCee the loc, you don't know by now?
I'm that ganged up nigga with that midtown sound
Hit the club in my Dickies on some gangsta shit
She bad, I give her this gangsta dick
Ride slow down your block in that gangsta whip
Extra clips, if you run then you better not trip
Now she blowin' up my phone tryna get that ring
Hold up, bitch, that nigga [?] just got hit
You can talk to the boss, shit I ain't gon' trip
All that talkin' out your mouth, you can suck this dick
All my life, all my life
Stack this money, I don't need no wife
All my life, all my life
Fucked you once, might fuck you twice

If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb
If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb

And know it ain't no fun if the homies can't have none
Charlie Hood, I'm goin' hard on a bitch
She fakin' that nut to keep her relationship
Now ain't that some shit, never loved no trick
That's why I'm fuckin' bitches, ballin' hard, James Worthy
Put her on the team and now she tryna rock my jersey
Sayin' that she loyal but she's really thirsty
Suck a nigga dick cause I don't show her no mercy
One for the money, two for the show
Hangin' out the window like, "mothafuck a ho"
Gettin' money every day cause that's all a nigga knows
Stash spot got the heat, cause all my niggas trained to go
And that's for them hoes, yeah I'm through with it
There's nothin' left to do with it, pass it to the bro
Now you hit it, cause she ain't nothin' but a bitch to me
And y'all know that bitches get flipped by me

If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb
If I ever gave a fuck about one bitch, nigga I would be dumb

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