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Do It To Ya (feat. TeeFLii)


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[Hook: Teeflii]
Annie, girl, let's play house
And you can show me what that's 'bout
Girl, nobody beat the pussy up like me
Who you know that beat the pussy up like me?
Girl, I'm gonna lay you on your back
Bam-bam, beat it like that
I'mma do it to ya, do it to ya
I'mma do it to ya, if you, if you let me
Girl, I'll do it to ya, I'll do it to ya
Girl, I'll do it to ya, do it to ya
Eat it, beat it, bang like ah!

[Verse 1: YG]
I know you had a long day baby, I know!
The 9 to 5 shift probably seem like all day baby
You're 'bout your money so you're probably working overtime huh?
Cause that minimum wage just ain't enough
Long as you're getting it, more power to ya
Make a nigga that got it wanna to give it to ya
Long as you're not sitting up on your ass
That'll make a real man say hallelujah!
You got a son and you're raising him by yourself
You need a real one in your life
It ain't no probably, it's obvious that
Your baby daddy didn't do you right
I got a mama, girl I know how to treat a woman
I like dessert, girl I know to eat a woman
Lay with it, then play with it, I beat it up
I know I'm sinning but before I eat it I'll say my grace in it


[Verse 2: YG]
I'm going down on you first
The real definition of down to earth
I ain't the one you ask to buy you a purse
I'm the one to make your insides hurt
From the back with your face in the pillow
From that position I know that you can only take a little
But missionary she can take the whole thang
It's so good I have her screaming out my government name
And she ain't never got to tell me how she want it
I'm a real one baby, I'm already knowing
She said her nigga's shit's weak
Cause he ain't make her nut and they was fucking 'til the morning
You know it fire when she's telling you to nut in her
But I'm a nigga, I'm thinking something up with her
I know the homies might think a nigga's krazy
But you could fuck around and have my first baby


[Verse 3]
I said face down ass up
That's the way we likes to fuck
Do my dirt on the low
That's the way shit's 'sposed to go

But I be tryna hit it right at the wrong time
I said it's yours, you say it's mine, Shit we both lying
We both tryna 69 and some more time
My girl tryna FaceTime hitting both lines

Meanwhile, while YG is fucking his side bitch
His main bitch is creepin' on the low
Typical nigga shit!

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