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#Grindmode (feat. 2 Chainz & Nipsey Hussle)


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Grind mode, grind mode, bitch I'm on grind mode
Put it in the pot, then I whip it with my eyes closed
Grind mode, grind mode, bitch I'm on grind mode
Stop check the watch like damn it where the time going?
I do it, I do it, bitch I do it, I do it
I said I do what I do it, bitch I do it I do it

[Verse 1: YG]
I'm a master with it
I'm with the click and we thick like fat bitches

I got the work in the pot, I got the work in the pot
Do it so much my bitch call me Sir Mix-A-lot
Then I'm back on the block with my work in my sock
Ducking from the cops cuz a nigga got a Glock
Try to rob me then a nigga getting like (gunshots)

Riding real slow with a black ass tint
A nigga can't stand no black ass bitch
Bitch I gotta fat ass dick, go hard on a bitch like a mad ass pimp
In the streets all day, nigga 24/7
Bringing niggas hell to the streets of heaven
I don’t preach nigga, I ain't no reverend
But I'm about to blow like 9-11
Ten racks of cash in a nigga pocket
Shaquille O’Neil these niggas be blocking
The cops keep watching so a nigga gotta move
Yeah a nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do
Faker than I get, that’s just how a nigga live
Ass hole naked, yep that’s how I like my bitches
In the kitchen it’s a party in the kitchen, it’s a party
In that bitch celebrating cause we just cooked up some scarface


[Verse 2: 2CHAINZ]
Told them off the rip I was ambitious
Got 2 or 3 cars full of bad bitches (truuuuee)
Make that pussy work, yeah bitch I got that work
Pot hit that fork then it's stir stir stir stir
Grind mode, grind mode counting money blind fold
This right here is that real shit
That look like some rhine stones, rhine stones, rhine stones
We don’t like that fake shit
God don’t like ugly so you need to get a face lift
I display greatness, crib on 20 acres
Louie V’s on court side of the lakers
Please do not mistake us, my partner beat a murder trial
We ain't seen shit we ain't heard of y'all
Yeah I'm serving y'all niggas no ceramic
Paid 500 dollars for my sneakers (trueee)
Yeah I started with a Beemer, then I got a Porsche
I ain't tryna front I fucked her on the porch


Back to back in these Benzes, v12 in my engines
Riding around with my pistol, cuz if niggas try I'm gone kill 'em
Fuck what niggas be talking about
I got long clips and I chalk em out
Poker face, I won't talk about it
This war shit I'm all about it
Look, these niggas know, on my grind and I'm getting dough
Ain't a place I ain't been before
I'm buying real estate and getting 10 a show
No subliminals, I be fucking you niggas' hoes
She look like a centerfold and she lick me like a envelope
I'm in control, in the game, in my zone, on any stage
And at this rate how I'm getting paid, I could be a millionaire any day
More money, more problems
Bought more guns so it's no problems, bro keep it
And I'm so Slauson all money Pushaz we so poppin
In grind mode, grind mode
Used to do it for survival
In the spot with those blinds closed
I click choopaz on with my eyes closed
Flip 2 pounds bought 5 more
Hit the mall and bought fly clothes
Drop the tank then I shine more
150 thou is what I sign for now thats



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