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Deth Starr

Tenacious D

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The world is fucking turning to shit
The Earth don’t stand a chance
Hurricane Typhoon will destroy the city
We got to clean up the skies and recycle
We got to stop the over-population

But most important of all
We got to build a Deth Starr

Deth Starr it’s a fucking ship
It’s a son of a bitch, y’all
And we’re building it, it’s gonna
Take us up into the sky
We don’t need the Earth
We gonna fucking fly sky high

Deth Starr it’s a son of a bitch, y’all
Gonna take us into Outer Space
Get your shit together mother-fucker
We gonna start a new
Human race in the sky
In the sky

You know we will be rocking
On the Deth Starr
Total eclipse of the sky

Everybody going insane
Futuristic video games
Everybody have a good time
Synthesizing water to wine

But Hahhhhahaow

I hired a nerd
I fucking paid a nerd
It is absurd but
I paid him to build it, ‘cause
I don’t know how to build that shit
That’s right!

There’s a vacuum in space
Will fucking suck your face
Day or night
You gots to make it airtight
You gotta build that shit
Make it out-of-sight!

The fucking Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking on
The Deth Starr
It will be democratic on
The Deth Starr
There will be lots of boning
On the Starr

Having lots of sex with my friends
Dipping candle into rear-ends
Boning on a virtual plane
Fucking ‘til I’m fucking insane

[Jabes:] Oh ya ya ya ya right there
[Kage:] Oh
[Jabes:] Bend over that space module
[Kage:] Oh yeah
[Jabes:] Oh zero gravity, fuck it
[Kage:] Ah yeah
[Jabes:] Hey look there’s Uranus
[Kage:] Oh that shit is tight

We got to build more Starrs
We gots to spread out far
Seven strong
We gots to bang a gong
But baby hold up now
There’s something wrong

What’s that?
That’s a fucking squid
An evil alien squid
Join up ships
We got to let it rips
We got to blow that bitch
To another dimension

Deth Starr
We gotta build a hundred of ‘em
Deth Starr
We spread across the galaxy
The Deth Starr
You know we will be rocking on
The Starr

Deth Starr
We gotta build a million of ‘em
Deth Starr
We spread across the galaxy
The Deth Starr
We must divide and conquer on
The Sta-aa-aarr


(Scat interlude)

So we searched the galaxy
For other forms of life
We got to drink their nutrients
To sustain our quality of life

So we scoop up the creatures
Then we put them in a geodesic dome
But the questions arises, my friend
What have we become…



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