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Schoolboy Q

Yay Yay

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Have pistols in my hands
Have pockets fulla ox
Whole life I've been a G
Have bitches on the block
Have strippers on the pole
Have cocaine in the pot
Got fiends at the door
So I turned it to a rock
That yay yay
That yay yay
That yay yay

[Verse 1]
I'm a drug dealin' nigga
Cause the grades ain't get me paid
My agenda for today
Is to make bread or get laid
See my daughter needs some shoes
And my mom work overtime
So I'm standin' by that stop sign
With nickels and them dimes
Keep that work, got that oxy
Need that kilo, call that Bobby
Know my stilo, shrimp with sake
So that her'on look like taffy
Keep my nina, just might off him
Know them boys like me don't play
Most of my life on 51st
Went to school on 52nd
Used to fight on 49th
Grandma said be home by night
But her old-ass sixty somethin'
So three hours later I
Still I love her R.I.P.
When she died I took her place
And became a fuckin' G
Moved my crack across the street

(Drug dealin' nigga) x4



[Verse 2]
I'm a dug dealin' dealer
Roll my cyc' on Hoover street
Just a year after Pac died
We all bumped Suga Free
Didn't know what he was sayin'
Till them years done jumped to three
Learned the game, slangin hoes
And every car door need a ki'
Trap them smokers day through night
Sellin need a slice
Life is crack so shoot the dice
Get the cheese but cut the mice
Enemies be left to write
We don't call our shit the trap
Bitch we call our shit the set
Unless we…
After crack was Oxy next
But thank god the yay was yay
Off the yee like it's the Bay
Rock a chain I'm…
Out in Texas, what's the word
Keep them packs and that's for sure
Slang to him is slang to her
Ask a fiend, they will concur

(Drug dealin' nigga) x4


[Hook] x2

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