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Schoolboy Q

She Like

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I'm the type of nigga that she likes
Trying to bring her home with me tonight
Look in the sky might see me waving girl
El capitán ain't no saving girl
Playa playa fly away
(Money cash hoes money hoes money cash hoes)
Playa playa fly away
Playa playa fly away
Playa playa fly away

[Verse 1]
Ladies show your titties
Freak me with your panties off
She heard I run the city
And stay dressed in the finest clothes
So playeristic who be? I'm that mayne
I tripped and stumbled into this rap game
And turned my struggles into a fortune
No wonder why these hoes good for nothing
Just turned me texting into some fucking
You know I get it, I did it way before I'm thirty
Oh I get it, now I attract to those who curvy
Oh I get it, I'm living what these niggas talking bout
She want a baller, a nigga that ain't in his momma's house
Knowing he wrong, out here sneak fucking on his momma's couch
Nigga I'm grown, boy you keep playing she gon' throw you out
See that there ain't the life of a playa boy I tell ya
Calling all the ladies, if you're sexy and you know it
Bring that pussy over here, I'm not a square


[Verse 2]
All my playa partnas ballin' stuntin' what's I call it
All my soldiers up but nigga we ain't fallin'
I'm gettin' paper but I still prefer a blunt
Backwood that good and you know my system thump
I'm turnin, my closet be fly as hell, my soul's burnin'
Playa playa, on ritz is that shit we been on
I'm at the Ritz with a big body bitch to lay on
Ain't turnin' tricks, wrappin' my dick, give her a gift
Give her a bar, give her a spot, give her a lift
See life's a bitch so fuck your world while I exist
I'm drunk and faded turning saints to lunatics
Yo what's the word?
Yo excuse me if absurd, but you need what you deserve
Calling all the ladies, if you're sexy and you know it
Give this playa here your rear
Now drop it for me, pause for me


[Verse 3]
Sippin' Henn, no ice cause I ain't tryin' to chill
Everybody taking molly, I'm still off a pill
Straight up off of Figg into a record deal
Fuck paying a tuition, rather pay these bills
Go from bank to bank and state to state for shows
Two chicks go mouth to mouth to make my penis grow
I don't care about nothin' but pussy hoes
So now you frontin' why you playin' with that pussy fo'?
To my playas don't you hate a reform ho?
Tryin' to act like that my nigga Soul ain't hit before
She fucked K.Dot, even let Jay rock
Going nowhere fast in the same spot
It's a party over here, nothin' goin' over there
Calling all the ladies
If you're horny and you know it give that one you want a stare
Now drop it for me, pause for me


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