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They Don't Know

Rich Homie Quan

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[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
They don't know
What I've been through
They don't know the half
They only know what I tell them

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
They don't know about the brand new car I just bought
They don't know about the brand new house
They don't know about the brand new chick that I just fucked
With some good head, that's a brand new mouth
They don't know about the brand new bezel on the rolex
Now the mufucka got a brand new Glock
They don't know about the brand new choppa for the same old hitter
Niggas mad that a nigga can't stop
They don't know about the old school whip that I keep pulled up
When I pull it out they be like "Who that?"
They don't know about the old school days when a nigga had waves
I swear every night I wore a du-rag
They don't know about the old school days
Magic city, it was jumping, niggas want to see some booty
Got a old school ho trynna screw me
So I'mma hit that pussy from the back, made her scream like (scream)
But it's still money
Over bitches
Rich Homie over all niggas
I need some more commas for these digits
Cuz I done ran my sack all crazy
I might buy my dad a mercedes
And I just found out I've got a baby
On the way
I know the situation sounds a little crazy
And they ain't know I was worth that much 'till I dropped that mixtape and showed they ass
And they ain't know I was on that Percocet but they know I be on them Zans
And they know I ain't with that groupie shit but got mad love for my fans
I can't take every picture, you've gotta understand


[Verse 2]
They don't know about the time when a nigga got pulled over
Boy, I swear to God, they was trippin'
They don't know about the bag that a nigga had stuffed in the trunk
They were too busy worried about insurance
They don't know about the homie that I got locked up
Orders every week, they don't know he's goin' through it
They don't know that I'm a boss already, ain't nothin' but 23
Now them niggas trynna ask me how I do it
They don't know about the pain, pain, pain
That a nigga been goin' through lately baby
Shit done got a little crazy lately
Shoot a nigga, make his ass a gravy baby
And that pussy so wet, I might recruit myself in the Navy baby
Used to be George Washington, now it's Ben Franklin
I had a change of face
They don't know about the new spot that I just got
With the cameras everywhere so they see your ass
I'm in New York spending Nino cash
A broke nigga, I can never be your ass
And I'm the future nigga
I see your past
Who the fuck told you I want to be your ass?
With these diamonds lookin' like water
Boy, I've got Nemo mad
And they don't know that my mama still working
They don't know I'm unsigned, they don't know I'm still hustlin'
They knew about the spot on Gresham that my uncle meat had
Two times got pressed
They don't know that I paid for my mama to get married
She'll be happy for the rest of her life
That's something I know nigga
And last year I was broke nigga



Gravadora: Think It's A Game Entertainment, LLC / Rich Homiez
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