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Hold On

Rich Homie Quan

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(Intro- Rich Homie Quan)
I did lost a lotta shit man
I dun lost partners, bitches, money
But I ain’t never lost my mind though
You feel me?

(Hook- Rich Homie Quan)
I dun lost a couple partners
When I thought shit couldn’t go wrong (but it did)
Can I get a witness
Cause everybody got problem, yeah
And you don’t know where to go You’ll be lost
Alot of these bitches weak minded
But you gotta learn how to be strong
And when it feels like you lost everything
Ay gotta hold on, you
You gotta you gotta hold on, hold on, hold on
Hold on, hold on

(Verse 1- Rich Homie Quan)
Started losing my mind, who am i to trust
Started abusing the grind and now a nigga up
Telling bitches I know it ain’t mine I ain’t even fuck
But i admit i got suck.. real good
On the hood, on my homies in the hood they hungry
And I’m good, I don’t want it
She belong to the homie
And I’m riding in the (?)
And yeah, (?) am I for you boy and smash
For the homie then smash
Got cash and everybody still got problems
But what the fuck am I supposed to do, they mad
I’m popping percocets to keep cautious
Too many percs I mean nauseous, aint’ tryin to see a hearse or no coffin
Problem, I got a problem, and i call that bit my chopper
All them, yeah all them I shoot this shit at all them
And I do this shit for all of them
Nigga locked up, nigga dead and gone
Drinking a forty at the grave yard


(Verse 2- Rich Homie Quan)
Got a grip on life when I got out of jail, Got right
I was breaking into houses (?) No way
But i been in them houses, been around that shit all my life
God make no mistake if I had a chance wouldn't do it twice
Stay down here come over night
Spray rounds ain’t tryin to fight
Stay (?), got a nigga right
That’s possible baby, no lie
As with myself I keep going hard, but I don’t know why
You dont know my bitch yeah she foreign
Got her from hawaii, overseas
I walk in by myself just one of y'all niggas try me (do something)
I pulled up like a hearse with a hundred cars behind me
Siamese twin what I call matchin’ Forties
Find me and the big body ben (?) no more scotty
Tell my partner no more ridin’
‘cause I heard them people watchin
My florida ho call me papi
We in Florida so many options
Nigga bite me, I know they teeth hurt
I'm tired of all these rest in peace shirts



Gravadora: Think It's A Game Entertainment, LLC / Rich Homiez
Faixa: 14

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