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Trapped In The Closet Chapter 8 (Explicit Version)

R. Kelly

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The policeman gets in his car
And gets right on the phone
Backing up, shaking his head saying
Let me get my crazy ass home
And his wife picks up and says
Darlin' where have you been
I've been worried about you
And he says "police business, honey, I can't wait
To tell you what I've been going through"
She says "are you okay?"
"Do you need anything?"
"Well, I baked you a pie"
"Your favorite: Cherry"
Then he said "I'll be there soon.
Sorry I kept you hanging"
Then she said, "honey, don't worry about it
Just take your time, I still got some cleanin'"
Now meanwhile misses roseys back at gwen's house
Tellin it all
She said: "I knew there was something about that policeman
I started to cut lose my dog"
Gwendolyn looks at her and laughs and says
"Miss rosey you are nuts"
And I say "all I wanted to know
Was what was you gonna do with that spatula"
And then we all laughed
Tron says "shes a g no doubt"
Now lets head right back on over
To the policeman's house
He pulls up in the garage
She doesn't expect for him to come that soon
She rushed to the door
Kisses him on the cheek and says "I was in the restroom"
Then he said "whatcha say that for?"
And then she says "I don't know"
Then he step back, look at her and says
"Whatcha all jittery for?"
Then she says "sweetheart, maybe it's that time of the month"
Then he says "maybe? Maybe that time of the month?"
And then shes says "you know what I mean"
He says: "I know what came out yo mouth"
He said: That "you said maybe
Then she says baby," he walks in the house
She tries to lead him upstairs
But he goes straight to the kitchen
She says "hun, I bought you some pears"
And then he said "I'ma heat this chicken"
Then she turns around thinking to herself
With this weird look on her face
Then he screams "woman, what wrong witchu,
Why are you walking back and forth, pacing?"
Before she answers she's thinkin' to herself
"What am I to say?"
Because the truth of the matter is
That she just slept with another man today
And he started calling her name
"Bridget, I know you her me"
But she can't turn around
Because the truth on her face
He will see it
Then he screams "bridget"
"Yes""look at me"
Bridget turns around and then he says
"Whatcha got up your sleeve?"
She's scared out of her mind
Stuttering and shaking and
Still talking about some pears
He starts screaming saying
"Woman I'm not going up no stairs"
Now he's got a funny feeling
Something just don't seem right
He's looking at her while she's backing up
Then he says "with all my might,
Woman, I swear I'll shoot somebody
If you been doing wrong"
But little does he know
Somebody is still right there in his home

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