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Shut Up

R. Kelly

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This song goes out
To all the people out there that be running they mouth
And they don't know what
The hell they sayin
Shut up!

Now that I've got my voice back let me start off sayin that
I appreciate the fans around the world that had my back
And I just wanna thank God upstairs for keeping His hands on me
And keeping all the doctors focused through my surgery
Now, there's a couple of things I gotta get off my chest
Some serious issues that I must address so
Well, let's just get right to people said that I was done
Said there was no way this time he's gonna over come
And even before the doctors was done and I could awake
A tsunami of rumors had come to wipe my career away
After 22 years of a blessed career
Had me lying in my hospital bed crying mad tears...ooh
But just as I have many people hatin me
Had so many people loving me
And let's not forget the hood around the world covering me
And to everybody that be calling me
Telling what they've been sayin about me
Bringin all of this negative shit and
Yall the ones I ain't fucking with
It's time for me to evaluate the people that I let up in my space
Can I get a witness for all of this
When people all up in your business

Tell shut up, tell em shut up
Tell em shut up!
I'm talking to you
Tell em all shut up,
Tell em all shut up
Tell em all shut up
And tell em
I'm talking to you

He's washed up, he's lost it
He ain't gotta no more
Well I'm here to tell you today boy you haters are so slow
And it saddens me to know
Some of yall want me to go away
Well when it's time for me to go
My God is gonna orchestrate
Until then I will accept the stones
Pray and try to get along but sometimes it's so hard for me to be strong
And I got kids and I'm tryin to love em
So many things that I'm tryin to juggle
But I never thought this music would become my struggle uuh
The news said I lost my house my own people put me down
And my friends no longer around nooooah
But you see deep underneath the surface
I feel something's working in my behalf a victory is near yeah
See my future ain't my past it's not the end of the hour glass
Who said it would not last
Fans sick they ass

Tell em Shut up, shut up, shut up
Tell em shut up, I'm talking
I'm talking to you
Said uuh shut up, shut up, shut up ya'll
Shut up I'm talking to you

Now seriously after all these hits and melodies and memories
You compare me to someone else OMG
Now no offense to the other artist but come on dawg
Let's be honest how many babies been made off me OMG
Seriously you gonna act like that
Sit there like it ain't no truth to that
Looking at me like I ain't talking stats OMG
Every boy, every girl, every child around the world
From the 90s up until today was made off me

Shut up, shut up, shut up
I'm talking to you



Gravadora: RCA Records Label
Faixa: 13

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