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When A Woman's Fed Up

R. Kelly

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I'm standing here looking in the mirror saying damn to myself
I should have known the day would come that she would find somebody
And all the things I took here through I shouldn't have lasted
this long
Now I'm at this telephone booth calling Tyrone
'Cause when a woman's fed up (no matter how you beg no)
There ain't nothing you can do about it (nothing you can do about it)
It's like running out of luck (no matter what you say no)
Then it's too late to talk about it (too late to talk about it)
Now let's talk about how it all goes down
I used to make love to you daily when the night fell the same
And anytime that you were hurt I could feel your pain
And if I had a dollar it was yours yeah and whenever we would go out
I would front the bill but now the up is down and the silence is sound
I hurt you too too many times now I can't come around
La da da da da la la da da
La da da da da la la da da
If you don't want to find out the hard way
Then listen to this song while the record plays
You can cry a river til an ocean starts to flow yeah
But she will always remember 'cause she's a woman scorned
And if you ever get her back it will never be the same
She's cuttin' the corners of her eyes every time she sees your face
Now your trust is out the door she don't want you no more
You used to tell your boys not me and she will always be there for you
If you took the time to see what that woman meant to you
Is what the mirror said to me
She was raised in Illinois right outside Chicago
Some of the best cooking you ever had yes it was and I miss her
Hey woman if you're listening I said I miss you baby

compositores: ROBERT KELLY


Gravadora: Jive
Faixa: 5

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