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That Got Damn (Freestyle) [feat. Swae Lee, Jace & Andrea]

Mike Will Made-It

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[Verse 1: Swae Lee]
In the Spiderman coupe when a nigga ridin' 'round, flyin' saucer
4 hoes on my dick cause a nigga look like Big Poppa
Got the ice on my neck and a bitch look like [?]
She five minutes in, hit the dick, now a bitch done fouled me
Young nigga hit the block and came back with the fat pockets
Got a bad ass bitch and she eat a dick like a gobstopper
Hundred K on the neck and a nigga feel like Big Poppa
Stepped out of the whip and a nigga looked like Big Poppa
These fuck ass niggas run around and they dick hoppin'
I'm the same young nigga back then, I ain't ever clique hoppin'
Got a bad ass bitch on my dick and she wanna see my wallet
Keep your eyes to yourself, young bitch you don't need to see my pocket
Ice all over my neck and my bitch look like Ghost Rider
Hit the club, smoke some weed, hit the lean, now a nigga on fire
Young nigga came through a nigga never could've came harder
Five chains on the neck, goddamn feel like a fuckin' Spartan
Got the shield and the sword, now a nigga feel like he a Spartan
Three hundred on his neck, goddam [?] moonwalkin'
Pull up, Stingray, goddamn, look like a flyin' saucer
Bad bitch on the dick and she eat a dick just like sausage

[Verse 2: Jace]
All in the coupe and I'm all in some Coogi
Goddam I'm feelin' like Biggie
Bitch in my booth and we might make a movie
Goddamn I feel like Swizzy
B's in here and I feel like Bizzy, C's in here and I feel like [50
?] in red, LightSkinMac in blue, got a whole bunch of G's with me
Bustin' a 'rillo, I'm rollin' a 'rillo
I'm sorry it took me so long, it was sticky
Killin' these niggas ain't nothing [?]
All of the niggas that's real, they gon' feel me
Got a bitch on ice, somethin' like D'usse
Magic City Monday money, I'ma throw it all on a Tuesday
Put dope on a nigga's smoke on it
[?] still blunted, who want it?
You could never have a mil', nah I'm 'bout to be worth a mil'
Pop a few pills and I'm still on 'em
Nigga I real monsters, watch us [?]
Throwin' shots up 'til the nigga unconscious
Better keep your girl locked up 'fore she end up knocked up, nigga

[Verse 3: Andrea]
I don't know your bitch but the bitch know me
Know these niggas out to get me so I stay lowkey
If I want it I can get it, never paid no fee
But I'd be damned if a nigga ever tried to play me
Cause I'm on top, got it on lock
Tryna beat me, ye ain't even got a close shot
Won't stop, get the job done then I roll up
If I ain't the best then I'm creepin' in the 4 top
Tell these bitches I'ma kill 'em every chance I get
Gotta make it all back from all the cash I spent
Pull up in all black with the windows tint
And I only want the money if the cash came BIN
Fuck you sayin'? I'm why they waitin'
Those your best friends, bitch why you fakin'?
Got a new nigga but kids got taken
Boss shoes, new bag but house still vacant
Goddamn, I don't understand
Dusty ass bitches better learn who I am
Sittin' in my throne, higher than the Grand Can'
Rich talkin' slick 'til it get to stuffin' like jam
I could give a fuck about you, what your crew done done
If you want it, you can get it, nigga your option
You lil' niggas all talk, you ain't 'bout nothin'
Set it off in the lot and watch you run, run, nigga

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