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Drinks On Us (feat. Swae Lee & Future)

Mike Will Made-It

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[Intro: Swae Lee]
Everybody wanna know where you got your stuff
And you say "Man, I got the muthafuckin plug"
Everybody sayin', "Aye where you get that from?
[?] coolin' every time you're in the club

[Hook: Swae Lee]
If y'all wanna go to the bar, drinks on us
If y'all wanna go to the bar, drinks on us
If y'all wanna go to the bar, drinks on us
If y'all wanna go to the bar, drinks on us

[Post-Hook: Swae Lee]
If you wanna hang out with the gangstas, y'all go 'head
I'm just gonna count a little mothafuckin' bread
If y'all wanna slither with the snakes then y'all go 'head
I keep a pedicured lawn so them snakes, they will be dead

[Verse 1: Swae Lee]
Tears of joy run down my cheek onto the soil
I would trick off on your bitch but she ain't loyal
Nothin' but love for you niggas ridin' with no tint
Granny told 'em 5 digits make these hoes repent
Popped a couple pills, I feel like Johnny Mad Dog
I lost a couple friends, I'm tryna get these bands, dog
You know we in this bitch, we throwin' up them grands, y'all
And once we hit the club we 'bout to go so ham, y'all
My comrades want them mils, my comrades want them millions
My comrades want the bills, my comrades want them billions
My comrades want the tri, my comrades want them trillions
Yeah we want more than racks, my comrades want them illions

[Pre-Hook: Swae Lee]
Been droopin', you ain't ever goin' up
Every time you hit the club, you always fuck it up


[Verse 2: Future]
Say my, say my, say my name
Twitchin' bitches and I'm switchin' lanes
When they call last shot for alcohol
I just wanna take my last drink
I just wanna sip some clean purp
Hit the car lot and just made a purchase
I just realized that I am a star
Cruisin' my coupe up the boulevard
None of my pictures are watermarked
Got more water than a waterboard
[?] draped me up. [?]
Yellow bone suck my nuts, [?]
Papi Chulo, I'ma get it poppin'
Got some red bottoms on a hotty thotty
Put them heels [?] knew karate
I just came in like a kamikaze
I just walk 'round like a zombie, daddy
I don't like bein' in paddy wagons
So no remorse, I'm about the fetti
Had a few horses come by the telly
Eating each other, they get some credit
Got commas on commas, I'm really ready
I'm really 'bout to pour up on a jet
I would never mention niggas names
?[] never did exist
Never ever been a thread
These niggas never get enough attention
I just put the bitch on punishment
I've been hangin' where the money been
I don't know what type of love is this
Can you tell me where my dogs at?
Put a hollow in your ball cap
What type of nigga you call that?
When I hang up on you, never call back
I'm a money counter, count my own money

[Pre-Hook] + [Hook] + [Post-Hook]

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