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Choppin Blades (feat. Jody HiGHROLLER & Slim Jxmmi)

Mike Will Made-It

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What's up Uncle Charles I can shop on Mars
I can play guitar, been ballin' with the stars
Jody Highroller, anything can happen
Yokohama tires, and your rims neon plastic
Ballin' so hard, might wheel when I jay-walk
Shoot jumpers in Atlanta, figured I was kin to Mookie Blaylock
600 with the kid, ballin on you and your fucking bitch
I can flip Ferrari with diamonds on my fucking wrist
Going to hiatus, smoke weed up out of papers
Balling like the Lakers, Versace touch the pavement
Sandals touch the sand
Rocks up on my hand
I can sell oil, like Afghanistan

On my gators
I can Walter Peyton
As-salamu alaykum
I can eat bacon
I can sink a ship
Balling like Wilt, ya'll know who that is
Got more gold than Rumpelstilts'
Locking out them bars, chains in my cars
While I'm out to bars, got the syrup in my drawers
Don't be alarmed, in my heart is popsicle
I'm flipping candy pickle and my car is candy nickel

Diamonds integrated
KKK must hate me
Did the fuckin' Matrix when she tried to be my baby
Bitch had me mistaken
Bitch don't scratch my Dayton's!
Thanks to Mr. Franklin, we don't eat top ramens
My bitch from the Cayman's, kill shit when I came in
Lookin' at the map I'm tryin' to find a place I ain't been
Lookin' at the list ain't not one ho that I can't hit
This car knows every language
I'm choppin' up the pavement!

Choppin' up these bars Cut just like tar
Flip double seven, I went hard up in the yard
Ballin out the gym, and I'm burning guard
Whip making plays, now I'm with the all stars
? Can we get a glimpse
Chilling with these boppers and they wanna french kiss
In today's craze, you can ride the wave
I be flippin' foreign I be choppin' blades

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