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Lil Niggaz (feat. Migos Cash Out)

Lil Durk

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[Intro: Lil Durk]
Yea, let's get it
Summer's mine!
You guys talk like big niggas
You niggas ain't done shit
Free my niggas
I [?] till you with my squad
I'm [?] of you [?] with my squad

[Hook: Lil Durk]
You look bad for a nigga, [?] all sad for a nigga
40 ruby shooters, gave all that I had for a nigga
Where you from, what's your past lil nigga?
And you broke and you mad lil nigga?
Fuck a price what the tag lil nigga?
My shooters on deck playin' tag lil nigga
You can't get a pass lil nigga, you ain't call get your ass lil nigga
You movin' fast for a nigga
You tweak with the squad, that's your ass lil nigga
Lil nigga, lil nigga, lil nigga, lil nigga
Tweak with my squad and that's your ass lil nigga

[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
Your niggas wanna tweak with my niggas
I'mma dog on me, you my niggas
Twenty [?], that ain't me lil nigga, location on and we can meet lil nigga
Watch them hold down the street with my niggas, my gang claimed three lil nigga
All this shit, that ain't me lil nigga, I [?] every game with me lil nigga
One time, shooters that's four-nine
Put a murder on bro that's more time
Up mine, I'mma shoot thirty four time
Or nah, cook a brick or nah?
Niggas say he a street but I know he not
Lil nigga, lil nigga
Get money, get bigger
Them niggas ain't with ya'
Talk loud and get switched lil nigga
And we big niggas, and I lost a lot of shit, nigga (Let's get it)
Still [?] at the kid lil nigga
Who you with lil nigga
Where you from? You can't flip lil niggas
And we the shit lil niggas
I'm gone and now they sick lil niggas
Anybody tic lil nigga
Where you from? You ain't from where I from lil nigga

[Hook: Lil Durk]
[Verse 2: Offset]
You a lil nigga and I'm a big dog (huh?)
You can die quick, nigga, only one call
I'm at the top and I'm never gone fall
Hundred round, make it clap like applause
I pull up with Durk, hop out the vert (skrr, skrr)
(Braw Kraw!) six feet under the dirt
My diamonds is watery, you can come surf (water)
My plug is a alien not from this Earth
I had a dream like Mr. King (dream)
Geekin', I need some Visine (Get it)
Gettin' money, runnin' all in my jeans (money)
Back in the day used to serve all the fiends (back pimp [?])
Back then sip Activis, I need lean (drink)
Porsche Panoramic, 4G autos on the fee (panorama)
Young Rich Nigga, you ain't seen what I seen (no)
I used to trap mid as a team (I did)
You niggas be copyin' my swag, you a clone (copy)
Giuseppe steppin', ain't no phone (Giuseppe)
My bitch just landed here from Rome (bad)
Hop in the 'Rari, we gone (skrr, skrr)

[Hook: Lil Durk]
[Verse 3: Cash Out]
You know I get money, I pull up in foreigns and drop out with shooters (drop out with shooters)
He talk about robbin', we lay in these yard and bust his medula (we bustin' his head)
A million a day, when I'm in the trap I feel like Frank Lucas (I'm feelin' like I'm)
I asked out the Rolexs, and stepped out the place, I only eat sushi
You know what I'm sippin', you know what I'm grippin' (you know what's on call)
I'm all on that, boss niggas got passes I know that they crippin' (you know what I'm crippin')
Give 'em the fork and give 'em the bowl, I know they ain't whippin' (I know they ain't in the pot
(?) for (?), I brought 'em to the trap and showed 'em my vision (and show 'em what's up)
My shooters no clubbin' (my shooters no clubbin')
My shooters straight thuggin' (straight thuggin' forreal)
Your shooters, they bluffin'
They go the feds and give 'em discussions (they give 'em discussions)
Whip it up, whip it up, baby I'm up in the bowl (I'm up in the bowl)
Back then, show money on your head, he dead on the stove (he dead on the stove)

[Hook: Lil Durk]
[Verse 4: Quavo]
None of my niggas is innocent (nah)
None of my niggas is witness (whoo)
I pull up, unload it, extensions
Walk in the trap and see pigeons (trees)
Birds (birds)
Migos, Lil Durk, Cash Out on the curb (curb)
Skippa Da Flippa itching for body, give him the word (Flippa)
Bet you won't bust a move
All my niggas got choppers, they'll damage you (damage you, damamge you)
Bet you won't bust a move
Have a nigga floatin' in the Chattahoochee river, fool
She cook it so fancy (whip, whip)
You niggas can't stand it (ha)
When I whip it, the Jays they love it
I'm cooking a brick and they call me McLuvin' (McLuvin')
Trap or die nigga, no Jesus, corporate thuggin' (corporate thuggin' nigga)
All of my niggas got gas and dirty sticks all out in public (damn)
My cup is so dirty, I'm drinkin' on Ruxman (lean, lean, Durk)
You niggas is soft, lookin' like Telletub-man
[Hook: Lil Durk]

compositores: Adrian Johnson, Durk Banks, John Gibson, Kiari Cephus, Kirsnick Ball, Quavious Marshall

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