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Feds Listenin

Lil Durk

ouvir : conectando
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I'mma tell you how my people went to jail, ya feel me
Doin' life, 50 plus (Free 'em)
Feds people took my people down
Then they got caught with them M's
Let them niggas out, man

I Heard The Feds Listenin x10

[Verse 1]
My momma, told me, Chrisy Louie, had the feds wit 'em
My momma, know I'm heart, body, and I ain't scared nigga
Born in 92, I grew up wit no dad nigga
And when I catch 'em he a dead nigga (bang!)
This is for my niggas wit the feds nigga
It's so fucked up, we talkin' glass nigga
Your nigga move that dope, that glass nigga (that work, work)
I wish my nigga used that mask nigga
They gave you 40 from that last case
2 chains on but I'mma add base
Tryna' throw Rico, gave me head, face
Then then they tried to snake me in that red tape

I Heard The Feds Listenin x10

[Verse 2]
Nigga you a wangsta and you ain't pop none
My hits like Mustard in the studio, shit I drop some
What you know bout wakin' up, into then block slums?
Can't call back, but you know they wanna couple hunnids
My barber for my kids, like hey I'm out a job
Free my niggas, doing Collard Greens like Lamar
3oo, for that Rico, there's not a lot of us
You can't join us, no these beaters need a lot of trust
He in that low life, like where he go wrong at?
I told that nigga, that line phoned tapped
He bust a beat right here, flexin' cuz he don't blo out
He got the message, don't think that nigga got the wrong LL

*Phone ring* "Hello"
"What up bro what's wrong"
*Laughs* "Wrapping up these bricks"
Keepin' it flowin' where you at, you ready?"
"Ok bitch, where you at?"
"Yeah, I'm downtown on my way down there now"
"I'm gonna grab my son, take him back to the crib"
"I'm gon' shoot down to the burbs right now"
"How many bricks you need?"
"Hey, you know what all the shit you have"
"Alright let's do it, say no more"
"I got 10 bricks for you, let's get it"


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