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Aint Did Shit

Lil Durk

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Let’s get it!
Ain’t did shit to nobody, you feel me?
But I did shit for everybody
But that comes for fucking with these basic ass niggas
Everything happens for a reason

Before Rideby had friends, got a deal, I ain’t got shit
Just tryna get rich, cause my people kinda struggled
Couple tenure niggas poor, but the hood still love me
Got my feet into the door, but this hood shit is up
I ain’t did shit to nobody
I-I-I-I ain’t did shit to nobody
Ain’t did shit to nobody
Ain’t- ain’t did shit to nobody

[Verse 1]
I ain’t did shit to any, but I did shit for plenty
Why the fuck is they mad, they envy
Two-2chainz on, I’m getting it
‘Fore I hang with the fake I’m in the studio getting it
They stop a lot of shows, I ain’t did shit, I don’t get it
And my baby still eating, see em on the weekdays and the weekends
Child support got dropped, I told that bitch that we even
Bitch sang till no breathing, tryna kill me for no reason
Tryna take me down cause I’m leading
Vision my story, no reading
Is you mad cause I make more, or is you mad what I drive
Is you mad cause I’m not poor, or you mad I’m alive
Nobody answer that, ask me one thing Imma answer back
Got a little money don’t act like that
But I don’t trust nobody


[Verse 2]
Signed to the street, nigga
Stay out my way if it ain’t your beef nigga
One fool play for keeps nigga, do a hit, get put up out of weed nigga
You don’t appreciate me, all the shit I did for the city and these peeps
One from you Philly ain’t me, with the killing going on in these streets
Catch me, she did, and I keep it in between my seats
Cause it’s [?] only thing I’m pillow talkin' is this gun in my sheets
Let’s get it, money they with it
Pull up with one of your fitted
OTF 300 my city
And Imma tell em I’m a rider, rider
My niggas ain’t know how to, how to
They know I’m gon provide em, provide em
My niggas they be wylin’, they wylin’
This here’s to nobody

Appears on Signed to the Streets 2 16. Hell in My City 17. Ain't Did Shit 18. Fly High

compositores: Durk Banks

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