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Liam Gallagher

Alright Now

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Well, you look too well and your first time under the law
Yeah, your head jumped fun so you thought it's time to move on
But the pretty girls from the underworld made it easier said than done
Yeah, soon enough you were hanging out, you were back where you begun
But maybe it's alright now

Well, it rained three days so the street begins to flood
Everyone took off, they said they had enough
Since 26, since 40 licks, you been moving through the fog
Yeah, you never said what you really meant, did you think that it would stop?
But maybe it's alright now
Baby, it's alright now

By the pinball lights, you got petrified
Your glass in hand, you're staring at the walls
You could try to change, but you just stay strange
And drink away the emptiness, paranoid, the SAS
Will end the game by kicking in your door

By the pinball lights, you got petrified
Your glass in hand, just staring at the walls
Yeah, you just stay strange, and you call her name
Well, sonny, she can't hear you anymore
Sonny, she can't hear you anymore

When the lights go down on Broadway
I could still hear all the things you used to say
From out my window
Watch the fires burn down the road
At times, I wonder if you're listening, now I know
At times, I wonder if you hear me, now I know

Why Me? Why Not. (Deluxe Edition)
Gravadora: Warner Records
Faixa: 8

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