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Plain White Rapper

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man yall should know who i am
I stay thugged out rolling out in my mini van
on my ten inch rims bugging out with a little tan
while I'm letting them spin Mt. Dew can in my hand
man I'm iced out like what...
well I was iced out when the ice fell out the cup
well I can't help it I almost ran into a truck
and the ice all melted and mini van got stuck
but it's cool I let my speakers bump
dude I got five inch woofers in the trunk
and I can still make the party people get up and jump
kjfivetweezy you know he get it crunk

mini vans is in the house yall
Mt. Dew is in the house yall
ten inch rims is in the house yall
five inch speakers is in the house yall

just a plain white rapper
nothing more nothing else cuz it really don't matter
just a plain white rapper
nothing more nothing else i don't try to be an actor
just a plain white rapper
nothing more can't you tell no it ain't Marshall Mathers
just a plain white rapper
nothing more even still you can quit the chit chatter

fivetweezy yall know the name
wassup to the soccer moms all up in this place
driving suvs camrys lex or the range
just bump my cd on the way to the soccer game
uhh you don't have to act your age
get hands up make ya kids think you're strange
start dancing get them really now ashamed
pick them up from school honk the horn be like hey
okay back to the track
I'm the kid in the cap in the walmart throwback
yeah what yall know about that
man I be putting cape coral florida on the map like what...

soccer moms is in the house yall
home schoolers is in the house yall
walmart is in the house yall
sw florida is in the house yall


ain't nothing special about me
I ain't the best looking ain't the best emcee
now I'm not a hoodlum flashy or icy
at the dentist the only time I get flossy
see all I really got is just Christ in me
who precisely breathed life in me
and just guides me daily and nightly
and never fails me cuz he holds tightly
and I know its just to sight to see
it don't seem right don't even seem right to me
but all it just means is God gets the glory
in the end that's all I'm living for end of story

fivetweezy is in the house yall
T. Cleezy is in the house yall
sog et your hands up in the house yall
and lets turn this party out yall


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