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Just do it, just do it
Just do it, do it, do it
Just do it, rock to it
Put ya hands up high and move it

Sometimes I flow weird throw verbal spears like Britney
That literally goes from here to Houston just like Whitney
Battle me ya kidding me you a funny cat
I bet 50 Cents for Eminem’s ya won’t get a nickel back
The track I’m ripping it really ain’t that hard
See Jesus gives destiny to every child of God
I’m battle-scarred kind of raw but what did ya think
No matter race religion or the color or the Creed
If ya black brown or pink on just in or out of sync
Or hang with Beastie Boys just on the backstreet
You can live in Linkin Park no matter just to me
See the Prince of peace is guaranteed to give ya what ya need

One day these peeps was going past me
Walking with a limp eating bizkits they hair was shaggy
I said what’s yall name is the question that I’m asking
I’m Michael, that’s Celine, that’s Dion, that’s Jackson
That’s Ricky, that’s Martin, that’s Tony, that’s Braxton
Dru is on the hill just chilling and relaxing
Alicia lost her keys and she’s really kind of sad and
I said you too? No doubt, I know how that be happening
But I need all the Dixie Chicks just to gather in
And let me explain just the reason now why I’m rapping and
So I told Mariah he carried my sin and he died for me
My faith is in Christ who on a hill called calvary
Gave his life for mine so genuine I try to be
If the world tries to stop me I rage against the machine
So turn ya radio up head to the spot
Get loose like a slipknot watch the kid rock

My uncle was eating corn on a cracker all alone
It was 98 degrees out and he was counting crows
And it was just then when my papa he just saw a roach
He dropped his red hot chili peppers and then he ran home
And just went and called up John the Mayer on the phone
It’s a 311 3 doors down now don’t be slow
But he was like wait a second hold up a minute bro
Before I usher over there’s something you should know
Jesus is the firm rock not a rolling stone
With him heaven not nirvana is where you’ll go
I try to show and let ya know but ya third eye is blind
So you need to open them up just real wide
And even if ya have to blink 182 times
It’s so obvious that it can’t hide
TLC tender loving care he’ll provide
From girls to boys to men need to let him inside

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