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Young In Love

Jaden Smith

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We were, young in love
We were, young in love

Young love, a vicious cycle
The poet just blew a puff of his pipe
But he couldn't write the emotions he felt
Every night when he'd look in your eyes
It's like a bright light came from inside
He had to funk the rhythm, look
Lil' Calabasas menace, I'm a spittin' scientist
Sacred geometry's embedded
Tried to tell 'em whеre my head is, they just couldn't get it
With your weird pants and your World of Warcraft fetishes
MSFTS relentless, you should stay up out the section if you ain't next generation flexin'
Y'all niggas arguin' on Reddit, I'm flying cars at Coachella
Tryna get some Tesla credits
Too ahead of 'em, sittin' down at the finish line
Don't blow the whistle, just let 'em run
MSFTS in the buildin', it's like seventeen elephants in the room
All playing' with pendulums, and they throwin' shade on their game
But baby we get it done and that's a fact

We were, young in love (Just young in love)
We were, young in love (Just young in love)
We were, young in love (Just young in love)
We were, young in love (Just young in love)
We were, young in love (Woo)

Stand still
(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)
I'm trying to
(Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha)

Wavy baby, the boy, the clouds speak to me
Young J, yeah he be movin' secretly
But paparazzi tryna get a sneaky pic
And haters tryna beef with me
Me and Eve runnin' through Eden
My heart is beatin' but the culture bleedin'
Man look how they treat us, I know you see it
Man we still ain't finished fightin' for freedom
The rainbow people, the pyramid'll never be equal
Imperial evil, you try to tell 'em, they don't believe you
Your spirit is see through
Just take a look the mirror'll teach you
Prepare for your ego to disappear, for the smart and I'm full
Just woke up in Liverpool, thinkin' of you
I always love you if the sky stay blue
And girl you know that it's true

We were, young in love
We were, young in love
We were, young in love (We were, young in love)
We were, young in love

It's the rap archeologist
Old flow these young boys haven't even thought of yet
Lines that look like hippopotamus
Need to get to speakin' in colleges
Too obvious, too much CO2 in the oxygen
They incompetent, they uncomfortable with the confidence
They talkin' now but I don't see 'em talk at the conferences
A domino is pushed, a phenomenal chain reaction
Leading to us arguin' 'bout our common goals
We've been agua for an hour, baby vámonos

Baby we should go away
I need to see you with the sand on your feet every day
She always on her way up
I'd rather trip all night
I know you ain't allergic to the sun
Girl I'm just a caterpillar on a kite
All the lights, girl, tell me what it's like
She's at a benefit for Mr. Kite
London it must be nice
With your dress and your tie dye eyes
Big smoke, your headin'
She says she's in love, I must be trippin', what is this
This rabbit hole I'm fallin' down is twisted

Magic science, MSFTS alliance
Recycled plastic inside the appliances
Man this nigga tried to diss me
That's some shit he'll never try again
Life is a storm and I'm in the eye of it
Runnin' from patented *beep*
Plant brush fires, this burnin' bush got me feeling enlightened
Got me silly and growin' out of the base of cypress
This is a channel, I couldn't write this
We tell the truth and they try to fight us
I told you, school it doesn't make you the brightest
We on fire, we duckin' firefighters
'Cause the vision ignite us
Young niggas, we don't listen to guidance
Unless you KRS or a big homie on the block with a vest
ERYS tried to have me ambulance stretched
Now I'm in London, my shackles
My gold is far, that's why I brought my binoculars
Man I know you see it right on my chest
Just like my broken heart
Baby girl I hope you know I never forget, ayy waddup?

We were, young in love (Young in love)
We were, young in love (Ayy, young in love)
We were, young in love (We were, young in love)
We were, young in love
We were, young in love
We were, young in love
We were, young in love

Get the bag, flip that one way on the road (We were, young in love)
Take that wallet, [?] (We were, young in love)
You were pulled on my phone
But I wish that I knew we were young in love
All LV, got her body wrapped up
Think I heard a beep, unless you tryna back up
Spark going up, she like wanna act up
Running with the facts [?]
Plane going up, [?] molasses
France but it feel like we in Calabas-


Gravadora: MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC
Faixa: 9

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