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Endless Summer

Jaden Smith

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Leader of the new school like Slick Rick the ruler
Should've went to Harvard like Yara, I could school ya
So mundane when I'm off the medulla
The fuck top five? My nigga, who's cooler?
Crying on the plane, young boy going through it
Dollars loose change, got a thing in St. Louis
I'm just tryna make a name in the music
I'm driving down the street and all the pretty girls lose it (Jaden!)
Once upon a time I was the coolest
Valentine's Day just came, got her tulips
Now I'm on the PCH cruising
If you ain't with the tie dye, well, you bеtter move it (You ain't with the tie dye?)
They wonder how I do it, how I do it
You can see me talking to the ocean, man, I'm fluent
And it's fluid, ha, yeah, it's true shit
And I ride more waves than a cruise ship
I got Calabasas going stupid

I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling (No cap, no cap)
I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling (No cap, no cap)

Look, no gravity, wavy baby, the ICON
So happily, spit a verse as long as a python, uh
You can't understand the heights that my kites on
Cleaning out your lyrics with Lysol
This is like Fight Club for the written word
Spit a poem in reverse
You probably couldn't spit a verse (Nah)
Yeah you did it but I did it first
If I'm looking for a copycat, I never gotta search, it's right here
Man, I can make the pain disappear, for your nightmares
Still inside of dreams when I cry tears
Light years away from the Earth
Said I'm flying in the higher sphere, criteria's too serious
I told you niggas the flow was growing delirious (Woo)
Floatin' pyramid, the Sphinx's water erosion with no ocean
I swear your mind's Slowpoke and I'm not joking
And if the hook wasn't coming, I'd be still going

I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling (No cap, no cap)
I wish I could get through this feeling
This feeling, this feeling (No cap, no cap)

Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
The Hills can't hold me
I sip slow, your window hit with rocks are flowing
Ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh
I swear I ring your doorbell, girl, your momma knows me
But I'll probably just go walk home all alone and feel the breeze

I get the pen and paper going 'cause it feeds my needs
A young sophisticated one, only queens could see
It bleeds with ease, into a nice evening
The Shangri-La, nirvana, heaven rest between her knees, I need to see
Need my wings, I need to eat
I need completed pictures, memories
It's fading, oh babe, you know I'm crazy
In the time of Summer hazes
I know a lotta figures checking 'cause they need the king
Know a lotta niggas testing but believe in me
More wet than your every flow, when I sneeze you geeze
Please believe, you rolling with some G's Louise
I like to let it all burn like ebonies
And give a speech on my Martin Luther
Lose a tooth inside the booth
And you know we only spitting the truth
In the gold vision, you living proof, ayy waddup?


Gravadora: MSFTSMusic / Roc Nation Records, LLC
Faixa: 15

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