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Hilltop Hoods

The Thirst Pt. 4 (feat. Aaradhna)

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[Intro: Voiceover w/ scratching]
They were recording enough music for 2 albums, that was premeditated. They weren't just like 'lets make a record and we'll pick the best 10 or 12 songs', it was from day one 'we're making 2 albums'

We still here, ain't leaving
Build here, late evening
March 'til the sun was down, and felt this landscape breathing
A bloodline came between them
You want to know if I'm chasing dreams or escaping demons
Though it's a sign when you're loaded on the road all the time
Woke up to find I was at home, and didn't know it was mine
So that I'm fine, took it slower, know what's blowing my mind
Had a baby boy to focus my devotion and time
Now my, hands tied, man this life don't get easier
My Nan died, older son got leukemia
Worlds spinning like a [?]
Tried to take my own advice
And transfer this anguish into my only vice
Took a breather when I knew it was a problem
And take a look to see that something beautiful could blossom
And find some time to release this record
But sometimes, sun shine when you least expect it
That love you girlfriend, for real I'm humbled honestly
And still make me feel like I hit the fucking lottery
We steel up our fist to fill the abyss
My friends, it gets no realer than this, we just continue on...
Two years, one album, nothing left just writing this song
Continue on
No apologies, my whole discography been writing my wrongs

[Chorus: Aaradhna]
We alive in the night, come alive in the night
If the sky always colour of burn the expands[?] in the absence of light
Walking under stars, we breath the night(x4)

Walking Under Stars
Gravadora: Hilltop Hoods Pty Ltd
Faixa: 1

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