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Hilltop Hoods

Live And Let Go (feat. Maverick Sabre & Brother Ali)

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[Hook: Maverick Sabre]
All these days I’ve been broken and hopeless
And I, and I don’t feel like I’m coping, I’m hoping
That I, that I can live and let go
So I can get through it
Yeah, I can live and let go
So I can get through this

[Verse 1: Suffa]
You know the pain can
Hang in the air like cigarette smoke, right?
Sometimes trying to live and let go
Like trying to talk with a mouth full of sediment though
I’m trying to crawl out the scattered missile
I can see through the eyes of a loved one, eyes of an enemy
Rising above sometimes takes a pedigree
That I fear that I don’t posses
And turns hope into hopelessness
But I won't depress
Won’t let life wear me down
Staring down as the troubles all rush past
Some part can wear me down
But wear a frown like a handlebar mustache
So we live, I forgive and forget
Rather than to live with regret
It's like living with debt
It’s a weight that'll curve your spine
Living with hurt is like serving time


[Verse 2: Brother Ali]
I pay homage to obstacles
Thin line between honor and horrible
The healing heart knows the eyes must overflow
Tears clear the windows that guard the soul
Now that the water flow, you can scrub the mud out of your land
The blood out of your hands
But you still gotta cleanse your heart that’s trying to beat inside
And it’s only purified by the tears you cry
You can fight all the devils and slay them
But if you’re made hard at the days end then they win
There’s only one force that can solve all this
I want the warm heart that we all start with
Sometimes we march out, ball our fists
I will give it all up for my softness
You will never invade my Holy place
I let the tears dry on my face


[Verse 3: Pressure]
If these walls could talk they’d sing a somber song
And if we stronger from this world that goes on and on
We're scarring like that I made a promise from
For the feeling time to be sitting on a bong
So disengage, hopelessness fades
Reaching out but the dark taking focus away
This road’s paved by the brave without knowing the way
Don’t stray, nobody can build Rome in a day
Now I don't need to satisfy, seize to set a tie
Just the feeling peace and gratify
If we don’t reach for the stars, only reach for satellite
We live in faded color, but dream in black and white
I know our demons walk among us
The struggles is something we do know, not something to become us
So let go of all the suffering and hurt
Yo, unless we ball it up and we burst

So I can get through this, so I can get through this
So I can get through this, so I can get through this

Description by Joelskizzle. more

“Live And Let Go’s got Maverick Sabre from Ireland and Brother Ali from Minneapolis on it, and we recorded that in Red Bull Studios in London with Maverick and in New York with Brother Ali. Maverick, we were recording our single Won’t Let You Down with him, and we had a bit of time left at the end of the session. He was like, “Is there anything else you’d like me to jump on?” and we were like, “Yeah, well maybe you could try this beat.” Threw it at him, and he recorded the hook in half an hour. We’d sort of been throwing tracks at Ali for a while and nothing was sticking for him and as soon as he heard that he was like, “That’s the one I want, that’s the one I want, that’s the one I want!” So we went to New York and we recorded at Red Bull Studios there and it was awesome. We sat down and we wrote the track in the studio, wrote and recorded in the studio, which isn’t something we often do because we just like to really take our time when we’re back at home so it was a bit outside our comfort zone but it was really good to work with Ali, who’s an artist that we admire so much.” -Suffa MC
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