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Gama Bomb

We Started The Fire

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Urchin from the gutter, in this town you'll go far
From tender age you've built the rage, who cares who you are
We'll gather up the children, put Walkmen in their ears
Singing soon a different tune, we'll give you purpose down here
We're plying them with Pepsi cola, Gameboy on demand
Training hard and wearing masks, they'll get radical on our command
Soon they're stealing TVs, automatic VCRs
Wearing Jordans, striking out, a ninja school is what we are

Don't make me tell you twice
Play the deadly game
A word to the unwise
It'll all go down in flames
We started the fire that burned this city down
We started the fire that stopped the world from spinning 'round

We control the subway system, our clothes are black
Mr. Big rewards the kids, they're drinking Tab and snorting crack
It's written in the pogs you know, the end is drawing nigh
Mark the ruins Zero Year for nineteen eighty-nine
Roughing up commuters, the gutter is our bed
There's a flaming arrow pointing to here and now, it's in our head
Danger in our mission, so you better bring a rope
You may have to scale a building, or have somebody by the throat

Gutter snipe rule the streets, Savage
Digs under siege, Hitting hard killer
Teens, and now we're, Arsonists
Stealing cars Murderers burning bars
Perjurers sexual

The Terror Tapes
Gravadora: AFM Records
Faixa: 6

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