Gama Bomb

Tuck Your T-Shirt In

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Preaching teaching prating braying saying every day
Mind your manners and your Ps and Qs
If you play it safe don't be late and brush your teeth and clean your plate
But if you never let her rip then what's the use?
Advisory parental, medical and dental
Someone tell me what we're saving for
Tuning in and dropping out but making sure you're all about
A mortgage and the two point four

Find a wife
get a life
get a man
make a plan
We can't tell left from right

Glass ceiling
sinking feeling
world is spinning
we are reeling
But we don't give up the fight

Living in a system inconsistent with your will to live
Tuck your t-shirt in
Regulations keep you in your station no more shits to give
Tuck your t-shirt in
You're a victim of the scene you got creases in your jeans
Tuck your t-shirt in
Never doing what you want and never saying what you mean
Tuck your t-shirt in

There's no option called failure, there's no time to wait your mobility is grinding to a halt
But it's later than you think because we all end up in stink
If you let it go it's nobody else's fault
Shaping up and shipping out and getting crushed beneath the doubt
Of all the stuff you really should have done
You make a wage, you act your age and find your place upon the stage
But you'll never get your way beneath the gun

Stay in school
know the rules
turn the cheek
suffer fools
still going nowhere fast

Keep fit
bigger tits
look good
feel like shit
how long can it last?

Cut loose fill your boots get your share of all the loot
This is you, keep it true do the things you want to do
Be yourself no one else not the guy that you were telt
Do it all get it wrong get it out and get it on

Untouchable Glory
Gravadora: AFM Records
Faixa: 5

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