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Philosopher King

Dance Gavin Dance

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Dry crossen up the holy five hate
your cousin is my hobby free throw

I'd toss my calling card
but I'd to hate to make a baby feel slow, nope bro

There's lots of answers to shit
like the numbing that you feel is real, then pain grows

You''ll get for what you asked
Patience is the lane i mate with case closed

If I fall will you be there to catch me now
Catch me now or
If I fall will you be there
To show me how
Show me how I've Fallen

All cranky in a blanket with a lazy eye
Same pidgeon that was shitting on the other guy
Why yo fitness need a witness
I too can cook a bunch of little meals

Friend, make my life

I picked em up and clipped their hype
its was tamest type the little bitch couldn't listen

I flipped it up and twisted night
into a padded white room, bitch named kristen

I will run laps around you around you
Go on try, tug me back to you, but I'll fly
Guess they were right, no way to drag your body and make up the time
So I'll focus on mine, not gonna hold me down I'm leaving you behind

Won't say that you're better
Won't sell you a better lie
Won't tell you etcetera
Won't say that you're doing fine

If your life never turns around
And if you should die tomorrow or the week after next
I know that I will be safe and sound
I won't be there cleaning up all the mess

I felt my body craving
the oxygen from ancient wasteland aching
I wanna be the man with the bacon
make a light reveal the only stake in


Gravadora: Rise Records
Faixa: 7

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