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I threw her away on the second we met
I couldn't have lied, I tried I was cashing a check
The ink was smeared, the lines were drawn and scribbled unclear
a cancellation, its time to learn to fly
Now that I've decided that you cant be trusted
one by one, wasn't that fun, this party dies, fades away
Late night phone calls that end in surprise
I can't believe you would give up your dignity
just to take a ride with me
And how does it feel to be used
climb in the back seat
like luggage
whores don't trip, they bleed on the tapestry
whores don't trip, they bleed at the bar
Its your persistence that makes me sick its not the sight of your face
And now I am so faint caught up in just this way I know that you can be more then this
This wasn't what I wanted you said I sewed that dream alive
Climb farther into hate is it this back seat making you itch
Morals become something from a dream this isn't the way to blow off steam its all in your head
Give up this is making me sick my patience is wearing thin
I will be leaving you now stay away for long
Drag his body down to the mill,
cut the ice with counterfeit bills, I'll take my share
like lightning bolts that strike down in pairs
this is all justified
step aside and watched the lie
this is all justified
wont heal in time, this is all justified now.
Stationed wit. I believe will go there
now were all afraid to see why we cant give it up
But now your shirt comes off I need something more tonight then your word

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