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Honorable (feat. Raekwon)


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[Verse 1: Raekwon]
The library of slangs - dutches up in Ukraine
Political prisoner, check the chain
Out the country with my dame
Televised gangsters, see me up close, nothing's changed
Gettin' top on top, bags and duffels
I need the long Glock
You stupid? Don't play me
See 'em in drugs spots, plainclothes, all in shock...
Gal can't even explain me
I live for the moment, give to the homeless
$20,000 TEKs, cribs is a bonus
You fuckin' with them niggas who bust straight
Menace to society drinkin' juice in the hood, waitin'
Paper made me do it, your body we'll snatch
It's like a London flick against the Japs
Sittin' at the dice table, handlin', man to man
One-on-one, a hundred grand and your son

[Hook: Cormega]
In life we're faced with obstacles
We want to achieve dreams that might seem impossible
The odds don't lie, look at mine - acknowledge truth
The streets raised me to be wise and honorable...
Wise and honorable...
The streets raise me to be wise and honorable...
Wise and honorable....
The streets raised me to be wise and honorable

[Verse 2: Cormega]
Beef and money don't mix, invest in peace
I've paid dues in the street, respect is my receipt
Truth will set you free, except with police
Be aware when you sleep or you could rest in peace
I elevate poetically, I'm incredibly deep
Never ball 'til you fall, capisce? Stay on your feet
If you were anxiously waitin' for me and Rae on the beat
Be gracious, understand patience is key
I once needed direction now I'm facin' the East
To give praise like Mohammed
Indeed Allah opened my eyes, I'm watchin' my surroundings
Sharks and piranhas survive in the warmest waters
Mama Sana won't allow me to acknowledge doubters
Couldn't conceive I was built to prosper
The team wearin' diamond jewelry in the projects
If you get knocked, housing's gonna seize your apartment


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