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Exaterating tell our husteler, we quit to pay judgement
And feel our brothers instead talk aboutlove and hate
Talk about love and skill, truth be told
Dam will never be a guller and dont talk about me
You profit is down man
For the rise and hit man and they saw a kidn of hit man
Its crazy thats way we aint gush
Rappers hate each other not the lable thet got it
Dont care about culture, they onyl want profit
Give your able all set slow bitch you get drop quick
You too wander what is on the end of the street is toxic,
For reference check out and BDP set all
This time I will make high and was playing all day
this time will made all black
and didnt get enough play,
I guess they have a problem with anything positive
Doensmake sense Id theydoent make dollars

Those that manage us, those that are our agents,
Those that are our accounters
Those that were in reckel executives
Those that was the owners of the wrekele able
You never got true accounting with nothign that you did

Was a deal beteel lable and pimping
Use it yourslef, they tell you how to spend it
Well slow down listen, heres play your mind with no abition
They keep you fly, images promotions
They keep you high so they isnt focus
You living in the moment, feeling yourself
They live in the lus hold, live with succes
And whats swag, I dont care how you dress or what you drive
I walk hard that really impress,
You say its all about money do you even invest?
Anytime in your rhymes let me guess
You so on and youre right its just comes to you
Cuz you the issue now you just do it
I lyricly abuse any rapper will choose
Two steps to me I will bring it right to you

How do you think you are,
But a piece of me then youre only availble as your last get something
And when you make no more hit songs
No body cares when youre no more

Meat a lot women like numbers cant be count
To look high, she aint hold thist hate taken
This is buissiness they dont care about your lyrics
The better youself the better future for your children
Controversal sells so they support ...
Makes more progress means more profit
And all they get killl, they say they so sorry
Me while they tell you the day it was the next project
What a life, death made more profit,
Ruggy companies get pay for your drama
And beaf DVD-s on BIT so every artist how was on it, was beating for free
While the royalty is going to kill the three
He quit thet Jones song
Well he know bout beaf
No disrespect pretending i know we got beat
Is for the dee know how to risk it
Pay on fife grif

And every one of our great artist they died with nothin
While the record companies executives were rich
Sending their children to college
You are not stupit you are briliant
But the question is : Can you put your briliant in your song?
Can you put conditions of the world in a song and ispire young people all over the world ?


Gravadora: Kum Up Records
Faixa: 1

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