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Show Me That You Love

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Embedded in emotion, I'm open, hoping whoever's calling's all in
For the low-key it was O-M-O-Y-E
I read my daughter's name slowly
I'm asleep, sleeping with the TV on, two in the morn'
'Who the hell is this?' on some Biggie Warn
Something's wrong, what's going on?
You should be under covers, warm
Is there a thunder storm? Someone done you wrong?
Words stumbled on, she mumbled on, something's on
Oh shit, she lit, a habit she got, legit
We talked a bit, truthfully I was tired
Youthfully, she was high with her friends
I said bye quick, the phone collided with my sleep again
Three minutes later, but there's another layer
She said I didn't care
She said I wasn't there when she was younger
Summer tour buses wasn't enough to show what love is
She said I did things that a dad doesn't
And that she had questions, if I'm a good father, why all the bad judgement?
I'm looking past judgement, about to ask something
But she was bag busting, inside I'm mad, cussing
Inside I'm sad, dusting off my pride
I thought that I did protect and provide, and I'm a father that's live
What about the rides with you in the backseat?
You tellin' me if it's a wack beat
I came to a few track meets
Weekend movies, I got you tickets to Lil Uzi
Truly I try
She said "It's the things that you didn't do, not what you did"
It hurt her spirit when she saw me with another woman's kid
Peeled back and thought, to love her I gotta listen
Now love and action is the new vision
She said "Dad, let your actions be your loudest speaker"
And now my daughter is now my teacher
With love

Show me that you're there, show me that you care
I've been looking for you, but you don't want to share
I've been looking for you, even over there
Will you stay around this time, or should I be prepared?
Show me that you're there, show me how you care
You like to come around here (You know actions speak louder than words, right?)
Show me that you love, show me that you care
This space is feeling empty, but you don't see me there
You won't feel the pain, and you won't take the blame
How you come around here and you just stay the same
Show me that you love, show me that you care
When is the time for you to pull a chair
And tell me who you are, and tell me you'll be there
And show up when it's hard, and show me you care
Show me, show me
Show me, show me, show me
Show me
Show me, show me, show me
Show me

Let Love
Gravadora: Loma Vista Recordings
Faixa: 9

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