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This that Common, this that Common
But none that we do is ever that common (Let's go, woo)
This that cold, this that cold (Woo)
And none that we do gon' ever be normal (Let's go)

Free a nigga mind, free a nigga dome
Freedom is a line (Damn), ever if it's long
Keep it on the stones (Woo)
Pockets full of uh
Rocket full of uh (Damn)
I'm cold nigga freeze like I'm 'bout to stick 'em up (Jheeze)
I'm particular about my vernacular (Yes)
I'm not particular 'bout what I got off in this cup
This section man they hate us, man they say we not enough
Uh huh, started from the bottom now we up, up, up, up (Jheeze)
Turn a nigga up, up
Why you tryna buck up?
Photoshop hustler, picture gettin' touched up (Common)
I'm a constructor of tearin' down structure
They wanna cuff us, really it's just us
That's why we kick dust off
Noreaga, what? What?
Like Jigga nigga what? What?
Who? Who? Don't care about what other crews do
I cruise through, crucial
Black like voodoo, a guru of the new, new

They waitin' on you to come outside (Come outside)
Just so they can downplay your life (Downplay, your life)
But I'm never scared, I'm never scared
Can't move me and I've been there (And I've been there)

Na-na-na-na now nigga now free your mind (Yeah)
We keep e-e-e-erupting time
Cut us we gon' bleed up divine
Turnin' that up, we up and wine
Click, click, click, click, we on the grind (Oh)
Grinding, designing
Like Virgil Abloh, we shining (Oh)
We move mountains while climbing (Woo)
I'm into fine things, like dining with fine things
My dreams found wings on the back of the struggle
Pull a back muscle, back to the hustle
Rap for the duffle and the black couples
That lay troubles down and let love do, it's diligence
I'm millitant for villages, the villainous they pillage us
But will it with the will in us? (Talk to 'em, talk to 'em, talk to 'em)

They waitin' on you to come outside (Outside, Goddamn, Goddamn)
Just so they can downplay your life (Downplay, your life)
But I'm never scared, I'm never scared (Goddamn, Goddamn)
Can't move me and I've been there (And I've been there)

Ghost of the past telling me to blast
Telling me to fast, telling me to go and whoop a nigga's ass (Oh)
Vast is the task that grasp the mask cat
Over the mass that dash for cash the last fast (Talk to 'em)
Slow down, we can hold down
The fort of profound, thoughts that go round
The world is your town, it's my town
It's the new wave, we on high ground, come on (Hey)

What you just heard, was exclusive
Common, show team
God damn it (God damn it, God damn it)

Let Love
Gravadora: Loma Vista Recordings
Faixa: 4

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